Third World Doctor, who Hated Anti-Vaxxers, Dies from Covid Vaccine Booster Shot

by James Buchanan

I’ve always wondered why some people, who believe the Covid vaccines are as safe and effective as advertised, have such a hateful attitude toward people, who don’t get vaccinated. If the vaccine works, then the vaccinated people are safe and they don’t have to worry.

If they don’t like their states being closed down, maybe they should think about blaming their Democrat politicians. Governor Ron DeSantis opened up the first large population state, Florida despite the usual hysteria from Fauci and the lock down fanatics. Six states didn’t have lock downs at all as noted here which were run by Republicans.

Meanwhile, the Democrat governor of California, Gavin Newsom just announced that the state of emergency over Covid in California was being extended to March 31st, 2022 as noted here.

Despite the lack of logic in getting mad at people, who don’t want the vaccine, one doctor of Third World origin expressed his hatred of anti-vaxxers right before he died from the booster shot.

A recent news article reports “A 52-year-old prominent New Brunswick cardiologist suddenly died in his sleep just two weeks after getting his 3rd Covid jab.”

“Over the summer Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial attacked “selfish” people who choose not to take the Covid jab.”

“’For those that won’t get the shot for selfish reasons – whatever – I won’t cry at their funeral’ Dr. Lutchmedial said in a July 2021 tweet.”

“The doctor unexpectedly died on November 8 – just two weeks after getting his 3rd jab on October 24.”

I don’t have much confidence in Third World doctors, and this one died after listening to his own medical advice.

Perhaps someone should have told him in order to “not cry at someone’s funeral,” you first need to out-live them.

I wonder if this doctor knew that over 18,000 people have died shortly after getting the Covid vaccine as noted here or that the number of deaths on the CDC website due to the vaccine has been suspiciously reduced several times as noted here.

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