New Hampshire Audit Found Vote Fraud

by James Buchanan

No wonder the Democrats (and RINOs) are fighting so ferociously against any audits of the 2020 election: Every time someone does an audit, they find fraud or irregularities, which benefit the Democrats.

A recent news article reports “A voting machine audit is coming!”

“On April 8th, the New Hampshire Senate passed a bill to mandate an audit of the Windham, New Hampshire election results.”

“All that remains for the audit to take place is a signature from the Governor.”

“At a press conference, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) says he will”

“The Washington Examiner reported:”

“The governor of New Hampshire announced on Thursday that he intends to sign a bill allowing an audit of voting machines used in the town of Windham for the 2020 election.”

“Gov. Chris Sununu said he supported the bill, which is meant to address count discrepancies there, during a press conference on Thursday.”

“’I think they designed the bill very well,’ he said. ‘And I fully intend on signing it and moving that forward as soon as we can.’”

A hand recount in Windham found that machines shorted every Republican candidate 6% of their total votes.”

“Each GOP candidate lost nearly 300 votes.”

“Republicans flipped the New Hampshire House and Senate in the 2020 election — yet somehow Donald Trump lost the state.”

New Hampshire isn’t even a swing state, and they’ve found six percent vote fraud in one town!

They also found seven percent invalid ballots in one district in Montana, not to mention vote-flipping Dominion machines in Ware County, Georgia that put Biden 26% ahead if he and Trump got an equal number of ballots.

The 2020 election in the U.S. was one of the most corrupt in the history of Western democracy if you can still count the U.S. as a Western democracy. Clearly, we should be included in the banana republic category, especially considering that the same Dominion machines helped Hugo Chavez steal the election in Venezuela.

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