A Political Warning to Trump

by James Buchanan

It’s becoming increasingly evident that President Trump is giving up the fight and allowing the Democrat vote thieves to steal all three branches of government. The Senate runoff elections in Georgia used the same crooked Dominion machines, they used to steal the general election in November. As for the House, the Democrats are not going to limit themselves to stealing the presidency when control of the House can be stolen too. If the issue of vote fraud were seriously addressed, and new elections were held in all the states that used Dominion machines, the 2020 elections should have seen the Republicans winning the presidency, House and Senate.

It looks like there will be no mass arrest of top Democrat criminals for stealing the election, for criminally conspiring with Red China or for repeated coup attempts over the last four years. All the Deep State criminals go free again.

Perhaps Trump is thinking of running again in 2024 or creating his own media network. If the Democrats could steal a landslide election in 2020, why would they not do that again in 2024? If Trump is done now, he’s done for all future elections. Also why should Trump have to wait four years and put in all that work again for something he just won? Trump supporters were using the Internet and social media as an effective means of reaching the American people. The Big Tech tyrants have ramped up their censorship, canceled Trump’s Twitter account and deplatformed thousands with no end in sight. Right-wing individuals were being picked off over the last four years and unfortunately nothing was done to stop or reverse that. If the First Amendment does not apply to social media, then what good is having a First Amendment?

If the steal is allowed to prevail, it will not just be the end of Trump’s political career, the Democrats will start filing criminal charge after criminal charge. Their phony narrative about the Capitol Building incident will be the basis for an “insurrection” charge. They’ll start with a new special counsel who will open a Witch Hunt 2.0 to find things to keep Trump from ever coming back. Look at what the Democrats did to Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. The Democrats, especially Nancy Pelosi, are hateful, vengeful criminals who feel they must crush anyone who’s a threat to their power.

Trump won’t be able to retire peacefully and resume his old life. The Democrats will not rest until they put Trump in prison, ruin his business and destroy his family. That is sort of crowd, who stole the 2020 election, and to let them get away with the steal will mean ruin not just for Trump, but for the whole nation.

There are eight days left. A national state of emergency should be declared. The inauguration should be postponed until AFTER all the evidence of vote fraud is reviewed by the Supreme Court. Every honest person in America would understand this. Chief Justice John Roberts can’t be trusted to do the right thing. He’s either too cowardly or too corrupt to reverse the stolen election. As soon as Biden is sworn in, Roberts will simply refuse to listen to any lawsuits as he has done up until now. The Democrats will never let Trump peacefully return to his old life. They hate him and they want him in prison. Trump needs to do what’s right for the nation and for himself before it’s too late.

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