Can Three Swing States Decertify the Stolen Election?

by James Buchanan

On January 6th, a bunch of Deep State hacks and cowards rubber-stamped a stolen election. The evidence of vote fraud is still out there, and there’s a new damning revelation of fraud surfacing every few days. Mitch McConnell however couldn’t surrender fast enough and he told other members of the Senate to vote against any objections even before hearing the evidence of fraud.

Apparently stealing the election isn’t enough for Schumer and Pelosi. They want to remove Trump from office right now using the old Section 25 excuse as noted here. Perhaps they’re afraid that Trump might declare an emergency and start rounding up people who have been taking Chinese Communist bribes for the last 25 years.

Mike Pence disappointed everyone on the Right and effectively ended his political career by counting the pro-Biden electors instead of the pro-Trump electors. This was possibly the last opportunity to “stop the steal” in a peaceful and minimally controversial way. Seven swing states appointed dueling slates of electors. The courts were failing to look at lawsuits that tried to throw out fraudulent votes, and that left the decision to Mike Pence, who let everyone down.

One of the few remaining options would be for the swing state legislatures to vote to decertify the pro-Biden electors. According to the U.S. Constitution, the state legislatures (not the governors and not the secretaries of state) decide which electors are the ones, who count.

Trump only needs three sufficiently big swing states such as Pennsylvania, which had a law against late ballots, Wisconsin, which required a signature for mail in ballots, and Georgia, where we have video of Democrats pulling suitcases full of fraudulent ballots out from under tables after chasing away poll watchers and the media.

If just three state legislatures acknowledge that there was enough vote fraud to tip the election to Biden in their states, they can vote to decertify the pro-Biden electors and vote to certify the pro-Trump electors.

About the only other option would be for the Supreme Court to hear some of the vote fraud lawsuits, but Chief Justice John Roberts was reportedly screaming at the other Justices telling them that they would not get involved when Texas filed a lawsuit challenging the election. Roberts has claimed that they will look at the evidence AFTER the inauguration (of Joe Biden) which is basically Roberts giving a middle finger to the American public. How in the world did someone that evil and unjust make it to the Supreme Court?

It seems like a long shot having vote fraud cases heard after the inauguration especially with a thoroughly corrupt Chief Justice, but we do have five conservative Justice on the court not counting Roberts and that’s all that we’ll have left if the states don’t step in and decertify the pro-Biden electors, which hopefully they will do in the next 13 days.

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