What Happens after the Impeachment Charges?

by James Buchanan

Now that the Democrats have drawn up impeachment charges, the current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi will try to arm-twist enough Democrats in conservative districts to commit career suicide by voting against Trump to begin the actual impeachment.

A WorldNetDaily article reports “Wary of the political consequences of impeachment, a group of… moderate Democrats huddled Monday afternoon in a last-minute bid to present other options to their leadership…”

“31 House Democrats are in districts won by Trump in 2016, and a new poll shows impeachment is helping the president in the key battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin…”

“The poll also found that a majority of likely 2020 voters do not support impeaching and removing Trump from office.”

“On Tuesday, House Democrats presented two articles of impeachment, accusing Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The House Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the charges this week.”

It’s not certain Nancy can get a majority vote in the House to start a real impeachment. If she can’t get a majority, the whole “impeachment” effort never officially gets started and Pelosi gets a “Loser” tattoo across her forehead.

Pelosi is a fairly ruthless, cutthroat politician so there is a chance that she can conjure up a majority vote for impeachment in the House.

So what happens if Democrats get a majority vote and start a real impeachment.

For one thing Trump will finally get a fair trial without Schiff or Nadler banging their gavel and denying the Republicans due process. The Republicans will finally be able to subpoena witnesses, including all the coup-plotting top Democrats.

The Democrats are claiming abuse of power regarding the Ukraine. That opens the door to subpoena Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Ukrainian officials to testify on corruption involving the Biden family and Burisma. Maybe Nancy Pelosi’s son, who also works for a Ukrainian energy company could be looked at too.

The president of the U.S. has the right by treaty to investigate criminal activity with the assistance of the government of the Ukraine, and there is no exception in the law for crooked Democrats despite the way Pelosi and Schiff have been acting.

A lot of Republicans are suggesting that an impeachment should be a speedy trial, maybe only a day of statements rebutting the Democrat accusations before the Senate votes. An impeachment requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate, which has a 53 seat Republican majority. There’s no way the Democrats can get anywhere near a two-thirds vote, so this whole impeachment circus has been a colossal waste of everyone’s time, except for giving Nancy and Schiff a stage, where they can say “Orange Man Bad” every day.

While it’s tempting to use an impeachment trial to turn the tables on the Democrats and focus on Biden family corruption and other Democrat crimes, it’s probably best to leave the investigation of those crimes to William Barr and John Durham.

It’s probably best to shoot down the impeachment, the same week that the Democrats vote for it (assuming Pelosi has enough votes). This would send the clearest signal that the impeachment was a big load of nothing, and a day of rebuttals is about all the average voter’s attention span can handle.

Also, the impeachment can be defeated before Christmas so that ordinary Americans can enjoy a little peace and quiet during the holidays without all the grinches in the Democrat party threatening to remove a popular president, who beat them fair and square.

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