Pelosi’s Impeachment Effort: Premeditated and Phony

by James Buchanan

Nancy Pelosi is one of the most phony and dishonest people in the history of politics. Her claim that she was shocked by Trump asking the Ukrainian president about a criminal prosecution that Joe Biden boasted about using his influence to shut down is pure nonsense.

First of all, Joe Biden clearly broke the law and deserves to go to jail for pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor, who was looking into his son’s phony job, collecting thinly-disguised bribes. That should be the real issue here, but the liberal media is going along with the Democrats in their attempt to put the cop in jail and to set the criminal free.

Pelosi is trying to pretend that simply asking the Ukrainian government about the Biden family corruption involving the Ukraine was wrong, but the “Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters” allows the U.S. government (including the president) to work with the government of the Ukraine to get and/or exchange information on any criminal investigation including crimes by Joe Biden and his son.

The most suspicious thing about the Pelosi impeachment effort is that someone (almost certainly some Deep State hack) changed the definition of a “whistleblower” so that a person with “hearsay evidence” would qualify. An article on Zerohedge reports “The Federalist reported late Friday that the intelligence community adjusted rules related to whistleblower complaints so that hearsay evidence could now be accepted. Whereas historically a whistleblower actually has to witness the conduct to file a report about it, a month before this report was sent to Congress, the intelligence community dropped this long-standing requirement and the ‘whistleblower’ was subsequently able to file his report. A spokesman for the DNI refused comment to the Federalist for why the change was made.”

So the bar was lowered on what constitutes a “whistleblower” so that a partisan hack, who worked for the CIA (Deep State) could literally make stuff up and accuse Trump of pretty much anything.

Trump countered by quickly releasing the transcript of the actual phone call, which seemed to catch the Democrats off guard. Pelosi was so confused she said she wanted to see the whistleblower accusations instead of the actual phone call! (I guess she knew which of the two would serve her cause.)

There already had been a quasi-legal “impeachment inquiry” started by Jerrold Nadler so Nancy’s late effort to take back control of her party doesn’t change much except that the older members of the Democrat party are caving in to the AOC faction and the Black caucus, who were the most vocal supporters of impeachment.

As all the smoke clears and her whistleblower is exposed as yet another partisan Democrat liar, the backlash against the Democrats will grow.

Perhaps the Democrats are pushing this impeachment effort now because they fear losing their majority in the House in the 2020 elections. They see this as their last chance to tar Trump with an impeachment hoping that history won’t remember what a load of garbage this was and that there was no actual crime to justify any of this.

The Democrat Party has gone mad with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Instead of admitting that Biden and his son are a couple of bribe-taking crooks, the Democrats want to turn that on its head and try to use it as grounds for impeaching Trump.

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