Latino Gang Member Goes on Psycho Stabbing Spree, Kills Four

by James Buchanan

Despite the previous success of “tough on crime” bills, liberal politicians in California have unilaterally decided that they don’t want to spend money on prisons anymore so they’re dumping as many dangerous criminals as they can on a defenseless society. Assembly Bill AB109 and the dishonestly advertised Proposition 47 both opened prison doors for many career criminals.

A Fox news article reports “A ‘documented gang member,’ who police said ‘should have been in prison,’ was responsible for a two-hour stabbing and robbery rampage in Southern California that killed four people and injured two, authorities…”

“Garden Grove Police Chief Tom DaRé told reporters that Zachary Castaneda ‘could have injured or killed many other people’ had he not been apprehended as he walked out of a convenience store in the neighboring city of Santa Ana, dropping a knife and a gun he had taken from a security guard he had just killed…”

“Police said the violence unfolded across eight crime scenes in Garden Grove and Santa Ana, including an apartment complex, a bakery, an insurance office, a gas station and a Subway restaurant. The attacker and four of his alleged victims were described as Hispanic, the other two were described as Caucasian.”

“The two people who were injured in the attacks, a 44-year-old Hispanic man and a 54-year-old Hispanic woman, had undergone surgeries and were listed in stable condition.”

“Castaneda has a conviction for possession of meth for sale while armed with an assault rifle, police said, adding that investigators were still putting together his entire criminal history… the chief described the suspect as a ‘violent individual,’ who should ‘Based upon his prior arrest record… should have never been considered for early release based upon Assembly Bill 109.’”

“The bill, enacted in 2011, was designed to transfer people convicted of certain classes of less serious felonies from state prison to local county jails.”

There seems to be a cycle in which conservatives pass bills like “Three Strikes You’re Out.” Crime goes way down and people become complacent, and then liberal politicians, who hate spending money on things like prisons, begin lobbying to undo the laws and let thousands of criminals out.

This one psycho Latino gang member went on a crime spree, murdering four people and committing crimes in eight locations after the liberals in Sacramento let him out of prison. The non-White majority in California will probably reelect these same liberal politicians.

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