Ruth Bader Ginsburg Misses a Day of Work

by James Buchanan

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has come down with cancer four times. She’s also 86 years old. Her last bout with cancer involved a tumor on the pancreas, which required a stent.

Pancreatic cancer is a notoriously fast-acting cancer, but news reports were making it sound like her case was a cancer next to the pancreas. It’s not clear if this is more liberal media disinformation trying to make Ginsburg look healthier than she is.

When a cancerous tumor appears, it used to be common for doctors to remove everything that a tumor was in contact with. A tumor next to a lung for example might result in the tumor, lung and a few ribs being removed. So having a tumor next to an organ, you can’t spare, like the pancreas, sounds very ominous. Even if the cancer was found outside the pancreas, how long would it stay outside? Is it even possible to destroy the tumor with targeted radiation or other drugs when it’s next to the pancreas?

An article on Bloomberg reports “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missed Wednesday’s U.S. Supreme Court argument session, staying home with what a court spokeswoman said was a stomach virus.”

“Chief Justice John Roberts said from the bench that Ginsburg, 86, was “indisposed due to illness” but would participate in the day’s two cases based on the briefs and transcripts.

“Ginsburg, a four-time cancer survivor, had actively taken part in the previous day’s arguments, including a clash over President Donald Trump’s bid to end a deferred-deportation program for 660,000 young immigrants.”

Every previous time, Ginsburg has taken time off, it seems like she had cancer, so even a one day absence is worth noting.

Many people focus only on Ginsburg’s health, forgetting what a far-left militant leftist she is. Millions of liberals want Ginsburg to stay on the Supreme Court to protect abortion, the disgraceful killing of innocent babies before they are born. Ginsburg would also vote against your gun rights whenever that might come up. She is far from an individual, who deserves any sympathy, and it’s a disgrace that Bill Clinton put her on the Supreme Court in the first place.

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