Democrats Want to Impeach Trump for his Tweets

by James Buchanan

The impeachment effort is going so “well,” that several morons in the Democrat party are now demanding that Trump be impeached for daring to comment on the quality or believability of certain witnesses.

The Democrats won’t let Trump have his lawyer present to cross examine these witnesses. Thankfully several Congressmen such as Jim Jordan have done stellar work picking apart the highly flawed hearsay “witnesses” that Adam Schiff scraped off the bottom of the barrel.

Still, it reeks of desperation (and an extreme ignorance of the law) to try to claim that any of Trump’s tweets about the impeachment circus are “grounds for impeachment.”

Not too surprisingly, the mental midget, Eric Swalwell has thrown out this assertion, which led Judge Jeanine Pirro to ask if Swalwell is “a special kind of stupid.”

A CNN article reports “Rep. Eric Swalwell said the President “is seeking to destroy” former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch “for testifying against him” with his tweets attacking her during testimony.”

“Swalwell said that the House will ‘view that as witness intimidation not only to the ambassador but future witnesses who would come in…'”

“Swalwell said Trump’s intimidation should be considered for articles of impeachment.”

Trump getting out of bed in the morning is probably “grounds for impeachment” in the minds of Swalwell, Schiff and Pelosi.

Then again, the Mueller investigation (or the first witch hunt against Trump) had to resort to using “process crimes” to railroad people like General Flynn to try to get leverage to build a case against Trump.

Americans can spot a crooked process a mile away, and they’re getting sick of these unjust witch hunts. The more the Democrats push for impeachment, the worse they’ll do in the 2020 elections.

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