NRA Chief: “Trump Is a Strong Second Amendment President”

by James Buchanan

If we want to keep our Second Amendment Right in America, we need to use a little common sense and realize that certain things like machineguns scare the hell out of about 90 percent of Americans. That’s why Jews and liberals are constantly trying to blur the line between fully auto, military assault rifles and their very similar looking semi-automatic versions, that many Americans own.

Machineguns were banned in America in 1934 except for Class 3 gun dealers, and no serious politician has tried to overturn that ban because the optics are terrible. Given the rash of shootings in recent decades with semi-auto firearms, the last thing we want to see is a mass shooting with yet another lunatic, who had been taking psychotropic drugs, armed with a machinegun.

The closest we came to a mass shooting with a machine gun (not counting some gangster activity in the 1930s) is the Steve Paddock mass shooting in Las Vegas, which involved a bump stock.

Bump stocks were an end run around the 1934 machinegun ban and they were doomed to eventual banning either by a judge’s ruling or a new law specifically targeting them. For the record, Trump and Congress did NOT pass a law banning bump stocks. An article from December 2018 noted “This week, the Department of Justice announced that it would soon be releasing a final rule classifying “bump-stock-type-devices” as “machineguns” under the (1934) National Firearms Act.”

There’s serious eyewitness testimony that the Las Vegas bump stock massacre that produced over 500 casualties with 59 killed had multiple shooters (and therefore was probably a Deep State operation). Unfortunately, until you get more solid proof, you’re in the “conspiracy nut” category and arguing that the bump stock massacre was done by the Deep State won’t fly with the vast majority of Americans.

If you’re the president and you don’t ban bump stocks and the Deep State pulls off another bump stock massacre, hundreds of additional innocent Americas will be shot with dozens more killed. Leaving bump stocks in the marketplace would have been like dangling a carrot in front of the Deep State, which would be more than happy to duplicate the Steve Paddock shooting. The liberal media would then have used that second bump stock shooting to convince moderates to vote out Trump, and a Democrat would be elected, who would outlaw bump stocks and semi-auto “assault rifles” if not all firearms.

We still don’t have an FBI or DOJ cleansed of Deep State influence. They’re more inclined to cover up a Deep State massacre, than expose it.

Another important point is that bump stocks waste ammo compared to aimed semi-auto fire. Patriots can’t be wasting ammo in various SHTF scenarios we may face in the future so we’re actually much better off without them.

A Washington Post article reports “President Trump talked Tuesday with National Rifle Association chief executive Wayne LaPierre and assured him that universal background checks were off the table, according to several people familiar with the call…”

“Tuesday’s call with LaPierre, which was initiated by Trump, lasted 45 minutes and by the end of it, the two men had no disagreements, the people familiar with the call said. The president seemed more focused on funding for mental health programs and other topics of interest to the NRA, the people said.”

“For his part, LaPierre seemed pleased with his conversation with Trump, tweeting about it late Tuesday.”

“’I spoke to the president today,’ he wrote. ‘We discussed the best ways to prevent these types of tragedies. @realDonaldTrump is a strong #2A President and supports our Right to Keep and Bear Arms!’”

One response to “NRA Chief: “Trump Is a Strong Second Amendment President”

  1. I love my Guns…Don’t have or want an AR15 but don’t want to see anymore gun bans…We need to start banning more people from even being out in public.

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