Shepard Smith, Fox Anchor and Trump Critic, Resigns

by James Buchanan

Why does Fox news still employ news anchors who don’t agree with the vast majority of their audience?

Most Fox viewers were glad to see the anti-Trump Megyn Kelly put out to pasture.

When Bill O’Reilly was forced to resign over harassing women at Fox, it wasn’t seen as much of a loss because he had been arrogant and snarky with Trump.

The latest casualty at Fox is Shepard Smith.

A Washington Post article reports “Shepard Smith, one of Fox News’s leading anchors and a frequent target of President Trump, abruptly stepped down from the network on Friday, departing with little explanation after 23 years on the air.”

“Smith, Fox News’s chief news anchor and host of its afternoon news program “Shepard Smith Reporting,” said the decision to leave was his own but gave no further reason for his resignation. He signed off with a brief statement, surprising even his colleagues. Fox News said Friday’s program would be Smith’s last.”

“Smith has been at Fox News since its founding in 1996 and is one…”

When I heard that Shepard resigned, my first thought was “Shepard who?”

I can’t think of one news story this guy did that was worth watching. He wasn’t worth the $10 million per year they were paying him.

The only good anchors at Fox are Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro. At least those people spell out the crimes of Democrat politicians and expose the lies of the Left.

Are there any pro-Trump news people at CNN or MSNBC? Then why should Fox waste its viewers’ time with anti-Trump anchors or panel members?

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