Democrats Can’t Get Enough Votes for Impeachment, No Vote ‘Til Year’s End

by James Buchanan

Nancy Pelosi has been exercising her limited acting skills feigning outrage at Trump talking with the president of the Ukraine about Biden family corruption. I guess everyone should know it’s an impeachable offense for a Republican president to talk about crimes by a Democrat big shot. One can only wonder what Pelosi is hiding in her closet or how she accumulated well over $100 million on a government salary.

Despite Pelosi’s best acting, she couldn’t conjure up a majority vote for an impeachment. Some reports were saying she was five votes short. (It’s probably a lot more –maybe 40 votes short.)

A recent news article reports “Democrats are driving the proceedings toward what some hope is a vote to impeach, or indict, Trump by year’s end.”

This confirms that Pelosi is nowhere near a majority vote for an impeachment, and that she needs a lot of time for arm-twisting and blackmailing to try to get more votes.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are giving themselves the authority to do a Witch Hunt 2.0 against Trump via their impeachment inquiry.

There are 31 Democrats seeking reelection in districts that Trump won in 2016. These people will not be eager to go on the record for an impeachment vote against Trump.

An article in the Hill reports “Republicans are eyeing a path to the House majority that takes them through Trump country.”

“The GOP has already put 55 districts held by Democrats on its target list for 2020. But Republican hopes are highest in the 31 districts that President Trump carried in 2016. That includes 13 districts where the real estate mogul bested Hillary Clinton by more than 6 points.”

“Meanwhile, only three GOP lawmakers hold districts where Clinton won in 2016 — Reps. Will Hurd (Texas), John Katko (N.Y.) and Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.).”

“Those lawmakers are among 33 Republicans that Democrats are hoping to oust in 2020 as the party looks to expand its nascent House majority.”

“Republicans need to pick up roughly 20 seats to win back control of the lower chamber.”

Republican fundraising is crushing the Democrats, and Pelosi has decided that she can’t play fair and defeat the Republicans based on issues; she has to fabricate controversies, go ranting about impeachment and try to smear Trump by beginning an impeachment even if it is certain to fail. The good news is the Democrats are going to lose the House and Trump will get a chance to actually do something after being blocked by the RINO Paul Ryan for his first two years and the Democrats now. We do need to get rid of Senator Mitch McConnell in his primary and replace him with a pro-Trump Republican. One article notes “McConnell does have a challenger, former state Rep. C. Wesley Morgan (R) …” Morgan’s website can be found here.

One response to “Democrats Can’t Get Enough Votes for Impeachment, No Vote ‘Til Year’s End

  1. Trump needs to double down and go after these Lying Democrats…their crimes go unnoticed and they get away with everything…Obama,Clinton,Biden are guilty of so much and there is all kinds of evidence to prove it.

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