Beto Shoots a Hole in the Democrat Boat by Pushing Gun Control

by James Buchanan

As if the Democrats don’t have enough problems with AOC and the squad pushing for a multi-trillion dollar Green New Deal and several presidential candidates calling for slavery reparations and Open Borders, Beto O’Rourke decided to torpedo what minuscule chance the Dems had left by bringing up gun control, vowing to take away AR15s and semi-auto AK47s if he becomes president.

The threat of more Democrat gun control has motivated at least one gun store to hold a sale that they decided to name after Beto himself!

A Breitbart article reports “Alpha Dog Firearms in Phoenix, Arizona, responded to Robert “Beto” O’Rourke’s AR-15 confiscation pledge by running a “Beto Special” and selling out of the guns in four hours.”

“On August 17, 2019, O’Rourke tweeted about visiting a gun show in Arkansas. One of the photos he tweeted showed a sign advertising AR-15s for $395…”

This is truly great news! Let the flailing lunatic Beto undermine his whole party this election with his gun control threats! He’ll never be Senator or Governor of Texas after this.

Biden’s old age seems to be an increasing problem, and it looks like Warren may soon be leading him. Warren was meeting with Hillary recently so the Sea Hag may be on the ticket as a VP for Warren this time.

Trump has let it slip he’s hoping for a run off with Pocahontas. Add the threat of gun control, slavery reparations and Hillary as a VP, and Trump will have a much easier time than in 2016.

We’re lucky our enemies are such masters of self-immolation.

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