Suspicious Alleged Drone Strike on Saudi Arabia

by James Buchanan

Just days after neocon warmonger John Bolton was fired from the Trump administration, a massive drone strike has allegedly taken out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production capacity. Perhaps Trump got wind of some false flag operation by rogue neocons on a grand scale and fired Bolton in the hope of derailing it.

Details of the alleged drone attack have been scarce. If Iran launched a drone strike:

1). It would be an act of war against Saudi Arabia.

2). The drones would likely have flown over the very large US Navy presence in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman (or over the US forces still in Iraq). The U.S. Navy of course has the ability to shoot down drones so why didn’t they?

3). The drones would have to hit key oil equipment with amazing precision to cause as much damage as they did. Very few nations have the military intelligence network and spy satellites to target the most vulnerable facilities, let alone carry out a successful attack.

Saudi Arabia by the way has an advanced military with M1 Abrams tanks, F15 fighter jets and advanced radar and weapons systems. They also should have some ability to shoot down cruise missiles and drones so why didn’t they shoot down any of these drones?

A Wall Street Journal article reports “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for coordinated strikes on the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, saying they marked an unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply.”

“The strikes shut down half of the kingdom’s crude production on Saturday, potentially roiling petroleum prices and demonstrating the power of Iran’s proxies.”

“Iran-allied Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen claimed credit for the attack, saying they sent 10 drones to strike at important facilities in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Province. But Mr. Pompeo said there was no evidence the strikes had come from Yemen.”

“In a tweet, he said the U.S. will work with allies “to ensure that energy markets remain well supplied and Iran is held accountable for its aggression.” He added that the strikes showed Iran wasn’t serious about diplomacy.”

“Mr. Pompeo didn’t explain how the U.S. believes Iran was to blame or where the strikes originated, but Iran-backed militias in Iraq have previously been responsible for targeting Saudi Arabia’s oil industry. Meanwhile, Saudi and American officials are investigating the possibility that attacks on Saudi oil facilities Saturday involved cruise missiles launched from Iraq or Iran.”

There seem to be three possibilities here:

1). The Saudis faked the attack to try to get the U.S. to bomb Iran and also to give them an excuse to jack up oil prices with an artificial shortage.

2). A rogue neocon/CIA operation is responsible for the attack or

3). The Israeli military is responsible for the attack.

The least likely possibility is Iran carrying out the attack, but that appears to be official government line on this incident. Thank goodness John Bolton is gone. This might have been worse.

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