Black Shoots Ten People, Gets Very Little Media Attention

by James Buchanan

Americans probably think that most mass shootings are done by White males, given the mainstream media focus on White shooters. A recent mass shooting that took place in Odessa, Texas by a White male apparently targeting people at random on I-20 after shooting a police officer at a traffic stop, is all over the national news today, but a second multiple shooting by a Black, barely got any mention.

Many people probably can’t even remember a mass shooting by a Black, but they do happen. The story below isn’t technically a “mass shooting” because ten people were wounded, and the common criteria for mass shootings is four deaths, but still this one 17 year old shot ten people and if his aim had been a little better this would have been a mass shooting.

A recent news article reports “A shooting at a high school football game in Mobile, Ala., on Friday night wounded at least 10 people, the police said.”

“The city’s police chief, Lawrence Battiste, said at a news conference Friday that the victims were between 15 and 18 years old, according to local station WKRG 5. Their conditions were not immediately available.”

“One person suffered a seizure and another injured his hand in an attempt to escape, Chief Battiste said. It was not clear whether they were among those who had been shot.”

“Deangelo Dejuan Parnell, 17, was charged with nine counts of attempted murder, Lori Myles, the public affairs director for the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, said on Saturday.”

“A motive for the shooting was not immediately known, nor was it was clear why Mr. Parnell had been charged with only nine counts of attempted murder after 10 people had been shot…”

It turns out that mass shootings are one of the few crimes that are almost evenly distributed proportionally to each race’s percentage of the population.

One news source notes “Despite highly publicized cases of shootings committed by white men in recent years, research shows that the proportion relative to U.S. demographics is overblown.”

“A 2018 policy brief by the Rockefeller Institute of Government and the State University of New York researched incidents that resulted in deaths and injuries, excluding gang and terrorist violence, and found that although whites make up the majority of mass shooters, the number is not overwhelming, the Washington Times reported.”

“’Despite common misperceptions that all mass shooters are white, the findings indicate that while a majority are, this proportion is just over half of the perpetrators (53.9 percent),’ the study found. ‘More than one in four shooters is black and nearly one in ten is of Hispanic descent.’”

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