Minorities Licking and Sticking their Fingers in Ice Cream

by James Buchanan

We are endlessly told that “Diversity is a strength.” Well how does contaminating ice cream make us stronger?

First there was a story in Florida about a Black woman licking some Blue Bell ice cream and putting it back as noted here.

Another viral video shows a Black man licking and sticking his finger in some Blue Bell ice cream as noted in a Washington Post article. The Post claims that the man had a receipt for the ice cream and didn’t actually leave it in the store. Even if that’s true, it’s still a pretty disgusting “joke” and potentially very financially damaging for the company that makes Blue Bell ice cream since people don’t want to buy an ice cream brand that’s being targeted for contamination.

A recent news article reports “St. Petersburg resident Jung Soon Wypcha, 66, was charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products Monday after sullying about $2,000 worth of ice cream at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop in Indian Shores, Florida, according to the arrest affidavit sent to USA TODAY by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.”

“Wypcha was caught on video after authorities reviewed the store’s surveillance tapes, which showed her tainting the store’s merchandise on several different occasions beginning June 17.”

“The affidavit said there were five incidents of Wypcha using the bathroom that her business shared with the ice cream shop, with the door wide open, and then putting her hands in the containers of ice cream without washing her hands.”

Diversity is not a strength; it has always been a problem. The Biblical story of Babylon tells the story of an evil multi-racial kingdom that builds a tower in defiance of God. If America were all-White, we wouldn’t be reading stories about minorities contaminating ice cream as a “joke.”

And it will be a lot worse than a joke if they find out any of these individuals has hepatitis or worse.

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