Europe’s Safest Countries Have Fewest Migrants

by James Buchanan

I wonder how much longer spineless politicians and a deceitful media will try to keep alive the Big Lie that all the races are equal. If this were true, then the nations of Africa and Muslim Third World nations would be just as prosperous as Europe, but they’re not.

The average IQ in Africa is about 70 IQ points and the average IQ in Arabia is about 85. Intelligence isn’t the only difference. Blacks have a much higher frequency of the Mao-A violence gene than Whites. Most Third World Muslim men treat their women like property and want to bring Sharia Law with them to the nations of Europe.

The fact that millions of economic refugees continue to try to get into majority White nations proves that their nations are worse. Unfortunately, the poverty and violence that they are fleeing are being brought with them into the big cities of Europe. Massive Third World slums and No Go zones are appearing across Europe.

An article from Voice of Europe reports “Europe’s safest countries barely took asylum seekers, statistics show.”

“Croatia is followed by Poland, Slovakia, Finland and Hungary. As a strange ‘coincidence’ these countries barely accepted refugees during Europe’s migrant crisis.”

“According to sources, Poland accepted the most newcomers with 12,238 refugees and 2,902 asylum seekers. But the statistics are problematic as Poland accepted a large number of people from Ukraine.”

“There’s also a strong opposition in the country against Muslim refugees. “Poland opposes the mandatory quota system for immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East,” the country’s Prime Minister said earlier.”

“The top five EU countries are not plagued by Islamic terror attacks, grooming gang scandals or no-go zones.”

“Among the worst performing countries in the ‘safety index’ are Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Greece and Sweden.”

Greece and Bulgaria border on Turkey.

Needless to say Germany, France and Sweden are notorious for taking in swarms of Africans and Muslims, who have proceeded to rape White women and carry out the occasional terrorist attack. The least problematic “migrants” steal jobs from Europeans or become a colossal welfare burden on their host nations.

No sane White people want non-Whites in Europe. A few sick-minded liberals (and their Jewish friends) are trying to destroy Europe. Leftist politicians are collaborating in the destruction of Europe to get more votes and deserve to be put on trial for treason.

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