Fake Polls Rear their Ugly Head Again

by James Buchanan

Yet another fake poll is claiming that Donald Trump can’t possibly beat any of the top Democrats in 2020. These pollsters are like the little boy who cried “wolf” and really should be too ashamed to show their faces in public, but they still think people should take them seriously after their colossal failure in 2016.

A few pollsters are still taking bribes from the DNC or the Never Trumpers and are nothing more than propaganda outlets. Then there are polls being run by the liberal media, the same liars, who told us Hillary was 98 percent certain to win in 2016 and who lied to America about Trump-Russia collusion for two years.

Even if a pollster wanted to do an accurate poll about Trump, who in the current political climate would tell a total stranger over the phone that they support a candidate, who is called “racist” every day by the liberal media?

Depending on the employer, this could easily lead to career suicide. It’s sad that so many liberals are willing to fire conservatives for their privately held political views, but that’s the state of our society at this time.

Just look at the whistleblowers at places like Google, who have described the cult-like Democrat strongholds at many of these Big Tech firms.

And then there are the unhinged lunatics in the Antifa movement, who may decide to vandalize your property or physically attack you for being a Trump supporter.

The reasons for being anonymous about your politics are stronger than ever, especially if you live in some liberal-infested rathole like Baltimore or L.A.

This basically means that the polling industry -even if a few pollsters try to be honest– will be broken again this election.

An argument could be made that Hillary had a lot of baggage in 2016, and about half the country thought she was a crook so it was easy for Trump to beat her. The top three Democrats at this time however have even bigger problems. Sanders supports financially impossible socialist schemes. Elizabeth Warren’s mental health and honesty comes into question after she spent years pretending to be a Native American. Joe Biden can’t string together six sentences without making another major gaffe. While many people are suggesting this is due to him not aging well, other pundits have pointed out that Biden never really was all that bright to begin with, given his past history of plagiarism and public missteps. Biden’s groping and sniffing of women and little girls alone is enough to sink his campaign, especially with the Epstein-pedophile scandal fresh in everyone’s mind.

One encouraging thing to consider is that Trump is doing much better in the polls right now, than he was doing four years ago, and he went on to win by four states.

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