Black with Lengthy Criminal Record Shoots Six Cops in Philadelphia

by James Buchanan

Police acting on a narcotics warrant in Philadelphia got into a marathon shoot out with suspect, Maurice Hill that left six police officers wounded. Curiously this came just a week after Trump called Baltimore, which has much in common with Philadelphia, a rat-infested, crime-plagued mess after the House Representative for the Baltimore area, Elijah Cummings got into a Twitter battle with Trump. Cumming’s home in Baltimore was also recently burglarized.

An article on reports “Maurice Hill, a 36-year-old felon with an extensive criminal history for weapons offenses, was identified by the Philadelphia Inquirer as the suspect who is accused of shooting six police officers in “an active firefight” in Philadelphia.”

“Police have not yet released the suspect’s name. The newspaper cited police sources for its report, and CBS Philadelphia also reported that the suspect in the more than 7-hour long standoff is Maurice Hill, attributing the information to his lawyer. Just after midnight, police announced: ‘Suspect is in custody. SWAT is still clearing the house.’”

“As a felon, Maurice Hill was legally barred from possessing a firearm; in fact, he was previously convicted in federal court of illegally doing just that (being a felon in possession of a firearm). You can read Maurice Hill’s extremely lengthy state criminal history here. Over the years, many criminal charges ended up not being prosecuted by authorities, including firearms offenses and accusations of reckless endangerment.”

Liberals are responding with more calls for gun control –which clearly didn’t work with Maurice. They couldn’t keep him locked up in prison, and once he was out, he was quickly armed to the teeth again.

The article continues “According to the Inquirer, Hill’s extensive criminal record started at age 18. According to records reviewed by Heavy, that was a gun offense for having a gun with an altered serial number.”

“Since then, he’s been arrested around a dozen times, the Inquirer reported, with six convictions for things like ‘illegal possession of guns, drug dealing, and aggravated assault.’ He’s served prison time, and has an escape and resisting arrest conviction. He ‘beat criminal charges on everything from kidnapping to attempted murder,’ the Inquirer reported.”

How did Maurice beat charges on kidnapping and attempted murder? Maybe the locals are so doubtful of the state’s ability to put away a dangerous criminal that witnesses are reluctant to show up for trial, including the victims. That’s how civilization ends, and a Third World jungle takes over.

Liberals don’t want to lock up criminals for long jail sentences. That isn’t a priority for them, and if you’re unfortunate enough to live in a state run by liberals, there are going to be more and more seriously dangerous criminals on the street as the liberal politicians let an ever increasing number of criminals out way too early.

Liberals also feel guilty about locking up minority criminals, and liberal prosecutors simply drop the ball on many serious criminal offenses that individuals like Maurice commit. If you think I’m exaggerating, take a look at one page of the rap sheet below for Maurice Hill and notice all the times that “nolle prossed” shows up which means that the prosecutor didn’t even try to prosecute Maurice for a particular crime. Out of 17 crimes on that page, there’s only one conviction for fleeing police. 15 counts of aggravated battery and one drug charge were dropped!

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