Chris Cuomo Goes Nuts after being Called “Fredo”

by James Buchanan

We’ve all been joking about about liberals with Trump Derangement Syndrome ever since Hillary lost the election in 2016. Most of the liberal media big shots had a good cry, including the “men,” but they never really got over it.

One of these delicate flowers (Chris Cuomo) at the failing CNN network just had a serious meltdown when someone called him “Fredo.” The lunatic outburst can be seen here:

For anyone, who somehow missed the Godfather miniseries, one source notes “Frederico “Fredo” Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather…”

“Being weaker and less intelligent than his brothers, Fredo has little power or status within the Corleone crime family… In the films, Fredo’s feelings of personal inadequacy and his inability to act effectively on his own behalf are character flaws leading to greater consequences.”

I guess the months and months of Trump Derangement Syndrome, combined with worsening ratings and the failure of the Mueller investigation to oust Trump as the fake news media promised its viewers has a lot of liberal news anchors feeling like Fredo, and being reminded of that in public is enough to push some of them over the edge.

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