The Democrat Debates Part 2

by James Buchanan

The Democrat presidential candidate field is so big this election (about 20) that they had to break each debate into two sub-debates with about 10 candidates each.

The first debate was on June 26th and 27th. The second debate just took place on July 30th and July 31st.

One very strange thing about the second debate was that it was only covered by CNN, which most people don’t watch anymore. Normally something as important as a presidential debate will be covered by media that is available to everyone, such as a broadcast television channel or a livestream on youtube, but the DNC decided not to do that. A search on Youtube didn’t turn up any livestreams for the debate. Theoretically, you could go on CNN’s website for a livestream, but their website’s live debate video was slow, frequently buffering and terrible.

Then again, I’m not too surprised that the first collaboration between CNN and the DNC was such a massive failure. Both of those organizations are increasingly run by idiots and failures. It seemed like CNN was more determined to force people to watch their crappy cable channel, than making sure as many people as possible saw the Democrat candidates.

The debate was fairly predictable. Many of the candidates and the CNN hosts claimed that Trump was “racist” for tweeting about Baltimore being rat-infested. Trump never mentioned any particular race by the way. Perhaps rats are now a Democrat constituency group and are going to be voting in the 2020 election. Republican poll watchers had better take note and challenge this.

Most of the Democrats were trying to out-Socialist everyone else and abolish all border controls since those are “racist” now too. One of the few sane Democrats, Tulsi Gabbard burned Kamala Harris by pointing out a list of hypocritical and/or unethical things Kamala did as Attorney General of California. Kamala was lucky Gabbard didn’t go into her relationship with Willie Brown and how much that helped advance her career.

Biden suggested $400 billion in government funding for alternatives to fossil fuels. I guess that’s his little way of buying big corporation support as well as creating numerous kickback and bribery opportunities for Democrat politicians. Remember Solyndra and their half billion dollar failure and all the golden parachutes?

A Drudge online poll showed Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang placing well ahead of Joe Biden in the July 31st debate. The number of people voting (only about 40,000) shows how few people must have watched the debate thanks to CNN insisting on a monopoly for the broadcast. No doubt the DNC is going to rig things regardless of how popular Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang is so that Sleepy Joe Biden will win –just like they rigged things for Hillary in 2016.

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