New Jersey Just Got Worse: Rain Tax

by James Buchanan

I am not making this up! The government of New Jersey is working on a rain tax! You know, that stuff that comes down from the clouds and waters your lawn for free. Well, not anymore.

New Jersey already has some oppressive and un-Constitutional laws including a ban on hollow-point ammunition because Democrat politicians don’t want you to seriously wound or kill any of their oh-so-important criminal-Americans, that they love so much.

Gun laws are so oppressive and confusing in New Jersey, that U.S. military personnel who have been moved to that state have been arrested just for inquiring about their gun laws only to find out they were already in violation. Maybe it’s best not to tell the authorities or neighbors that you own a gun at all.

The latest bit of insanity in New Jersey involves a rain tax. An article from GateWayPundit reports “Just when frustrated residents of New Jersey, one of the most heavily taxed states in the US, thought Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy had already brought the state into the ninth circle of taxation hell with new taxes to save the state’s ailing pension system, middle class voters in one of the least affordable states in the country have now been given one more thing to complain about: A tax on the rain.”

“After a bill authorizing the new local taxes was passed by the state late last month, Murphy is preparing to sign it into law, over the objections of the state’s Republicans, according to the New York Post…”

I suppose in the mind of a career Democrat politician, they think they own the rain. After all, the water that goes through pipes to your house came down as rain or snow, and the water department charges you for that even though their contribution is only infra-structure (which has probably been paid for a hundred times over).

At least they haven’t gotten the idea of taxing the air…. yet.

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