Trump Administration Ending Asylum for Central Americans

by James Buchanan

An article from Fox10 in Phoenix reports “The Trump administration is moving to end asylum protections for most Central American migrants.”

“A rule published Monday bars migrants from seeking asylum in the United States if they’ve traveled through another country first.”

“….The Trump administration claims families are taking advantage of legal loopholes it says allow migrants a free pass to the country while they wait out phony asylum requests.”

“The rule is almost certain to face a legal challenge.”

“U.S. law allows refugees to request asylum when they arrive at the U.S. regardless of how they did so. But there’s an exception for those who have come through a country considered ‘safe.'”

“Immigrant rights groups say the Republican administration’s policies are a cruel effort to keep immigrants out…”

Notice the liberal media never thinks it cruel that illegal alien children might ruin your local public school or that American families are forced to subsidize a potentially unlimited number of low IQ invaders from the Third World.

The Democrats have created some horrible asylum laws over the years, which have made it nearly impossible to control the border. Trump is doing what he can, but he was sabotaged by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell during his first two years, and then the Democrats won the House.

Hopefully, the Republicans will win back the House and replace Senator McConnell in his next primary with someone, who won’t stop all progress with the “filibuster rule” like Mitch did.

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