ICE Deportation Raids in (at Least) New York on Sunday

by James Buchanan

Sunday, July 14th was the kick off day for “mass deportations” and early reports suggest some effort was being made in New York City. Don’t hold your breath for the liberal media to cough up any positive news for Trump or his supporters. They’ll probably put a silent ban on any mention of successful deportation efforts.

The paperwork has been done on millions of illegal aliens who can be deported right now, and the raids on Sunday are the just the beginning.

A Fox News article reports “A nationwide crackdown to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants across the country began late Saturday in the nation’s largest city and several other places, according to an official.”

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) resumed its previously announced plan to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants who’ve been given orders to leave the country, targeting people in at least 10 cities. The ICE raids began late Saturday and into the early morning hours on Sunday in “a number of jurisdictions,” not just New York City, a senior administration official confirmed to Fox News.”

“In an exclusive interview on “FOX & friends,” Acting ICE Director Matt Albence said while he couldn’t speak to anything specifically from an operational perspective, the overarching concern when the agency conducts any sort of enforcement operation is ‘the safety and security of both our officers that are conducting the operation as well as the public.'”

“’We are doing targeted enforcement actions against specific individuals who have had their day in immigration court…'”

Trump announced the raids in a grandiose way to draw attention to them. The liberal media has predictably expressed their usual outrage to any effort at immigration control.

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