DNA Did Not Prove that Thomas Jefferson Had Children with a Slave

by James Buchanan

Many Americans have probably heard the claims that Thomas Jefferson had mixed race children with a Black slave girl. This charge started off as a political campaign smear when Jefferson was running for president. People at the time apparently didn’t take it seriously since Jefferson was elected to two terms.

People, who want to “normalize” the idea of Whites interbreeding with Blacks however have grabbed onto this old accusation and keep trying to give it new life. While Bill Clinton was neck deep in his various sex scandals during his presidency, an ally of Clinton inaccurately reported that the results of a DNA study proved Thomas Jefferson had children with one of his slaves. Most of the liberal media ran with this story. Only eleven newspapers printed retractions when they got the full story.

One news article reports “Thomas Jefferson has long been celebrated in America as the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. But his iconic status has diminished in recent years thanks to a widespread belief that he fathered a child by Sally Hemings, his enslaved servant.”

“In reality, the 1998 DNA tests alleged to prove this did not involve genetic material from Thomas Jefferson. All they established was that one of more than two dozen Jefferson males probably fathered Sally Hemings’s youngest son, Eston…”

One other consideration is that Thomas Jefferson was famous and considered a great man in his time. After his first wife passed away, he would have been one of the most prestigious eligible bachelors in Virginia, and there was no shortage of White women from good families who would have been happy to marry him.

Thomas Jefferson had been deeply in love with his first wife and could not think of marrying again. Rather than admire this old-fashioned noble sentiment, liberals and Jews want to push the most disgraceful story, they can fabricate, to tear down a great man.

Jefferson was almost 40 years old when his wife passed away after giving him six children. Between raising his children, his involvement in politics which continued his entire life and his scientific interests, he led a fairly busy life.

Having sex with a slave back then was about as disgraceful as having sex with a farm animal is now, and anyone who was concerned about his historical legacy would not be throwing away his reputation when he could just as easily marry a beautiful White woman.

It’s unfortunate that such stories surfaced as political smears in Jefferson’s time. He did not see fit to deny the stories because they were so extreme. Jefferson was reelected president despite these smears so the public dismissed these stories. It would be like accusing a modern politician of having sex with a goat. (Actually considering the caliber of many modern-day System politicians, that may not be the best comparison.)

Another article notes “Jefferson’s policy was to offer no public response to personal attacks, and he apparently made no explicit public or private comment on this question (although a private letter of 1805 has been interpreted by some individuals as a denial of the story). Sally Hemings left no known accounts.”

“Jefferson’s daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph privately denied the published reports. Two of her children, Ellen Randolph Coolidge and Thomas Jefferson Randolph, maintained many years later that such a liaison was not possible, on both moral and practical grounds. They also stated that Jefferson’s nephews Peter and Samuel Carr were the fathers of the light-skinned Monticello slaves some thought to be Jefferson’s children because they resembled him.”

So, the much-vaunted DNA test only narrowed the contributors down to a few dozen Jefferson men, and the information above suggests that there was a strong resemblance between Jefferson’s nephews and the mixed race children. Those factors combined with all the other considerations provide a strong argument against those, who would drag a Founding Father through the mud.

One response to “DNA Did Not Prove that Thomas Jefferson Had Children with a Slave

  1. Im so sick of these liberal misfits playing the race card…Pretty soon White people are going to have to stand up and speak the truth that we are the best race of people…We have accomplished more than any other race…we are better looking…smarter…and far more productive.

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