Drone Footage of Border Wall

by James Buchanan

The Trump administration has been doing a disappointing job of documenting the border wall construction, which has resulted in various deceitful and/or ignorant individuals running around claiming there’s little to no new border wall.

NextNewsNetwork recently stated that 127 miles of Border Wall has been built:

Recent news articles report that Trump has funding for 336 miles of border wall.

I suspect there will be roadblocks thrown up, activist judges making absurd rulings and local mayors doing whatever they can to try to slow down the wall construction. The emergency declaration and Trump’s willingness to get funding from whatever sources, he can find, however will get at least a couple hundred miles of border wall built in 2019. A lot of contracts have been awarded in the last couple months so there will likely be construction starting in several new locations.

Trump knows he has to build a significant percentage of the wall by November 2020. That is why the Democrats and Never-Trumper RINOs have been doing everything they can to limit border wall construction. They want to be able to accuse Trump of “not keeping his promise” even though they are the main reason for the wall not getting built much faster.

Drone footage of border wall in New Mexico below:

Border Wall Update in San Diego, new wall there:

New border wall Santa Teresa New Mexico, by drone

New border wall Calexico California:

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