Rod Rosenstein to Resign on May 11th

by James Buchanan

One of the worst Deep State criminals who was a key figure in the nearly two-year long anti-Trump coup attempt, Rod Rosenstein, the deputy Attorney General, will be resigning on May 11th.

He’s not really “resigning.” The new Attorney General, William Barr announced shortly after he took office that Rosenstein would be gone soon. Unfortunately, there’s a tendency in Washington D.C. to pretend that people aren’t being fired for incompetence or corruption, and don’t assume that Rosenstein is “off the hook” for all the things he did as deputy Attorney General.

Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller, one of the dirtiest prosecutors in the federal government, to go after Trump. Mueller has sent innocent Americans to jail including one scientist, whom he railroaded for the 2001 Anthrax attacks. Mueller’s prosecution was so unethical and egregious that the scientist, whose life he wrecked, was eventually paid $4.5 million dollars in compensation after suing the government.

When questioned by Congress, Rosenstein behaved very much like Peter Strzok smirking, refusing to answer questions and giving Americans a glimpse at the evil and arrogance of the Deep State.

A Washington Post article notes “Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein — whose tumultuous two years as the No. 2 Justice Department official were marked by battles over the special-counsel probe of President Trump — submitted a resignation letter Monday indicating he will leave the job in two weeks.”

“Rosenstein’s departure had been expected since the beginning of the year, but the date was repeatedly pushed back as special counsel Robert S. Mueller III wound down his investigation and compiled a report detailing his findings.”

Rosenstein may not be gracefully disappearing from public view. There’s a very real chance, he will be hauled in front of investigators to answer questions about FISA warrants that he signed off on. He may even be charged with “sedition” which would be the appropriate crime for trying to overthrow a duly elected president.

Rosenstein is a slippery rat, who has helped the Democrats and the Deep State to undermine the Trump president and to carry out an illegal witch hunt, which should never happen in the United States.

Every American should have the right to know what he’s being charged with and what specific crime is involved. The idea of a political witch hunt, in which a prosecutor is searching for any and all potential crimes by the opposition party is an extreme abuse of power, and Americans should not rest until Mueller, Rosenstein and all their collaborators are in jail.

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