Pelosi Unlikely to Attempt an Impeachment of Trump

by James Buchanan

There’s probably tremendous pressure from all the over-emotional snowflake liberals to impeach Trump, but Pelosi, despite all her flaws and increasing senility still knows that an impeachment requires a high crime or misdemeanor to have been committed.

Most of the “impeach Trump” crowd like Maxine Waters don’t even offer up a feasible charge to build an impeachment on. Some of them blurt out “He’s a racist” exposing the fact that their “thinking” (such as it is) is being driven by emotion, irrationality and fake perceptions planted by the “hate Trump” liberal media.

An article from the Hill reports “Starting impeachment proceedings seems unlikely to end in a Senate conviction given the two-thirds majority needed in a body Republicans control with a 53-47 majority…”

“People who have worked closely with Pelosi believe she will take the more pragmatic approach and not move to impeach Trump — barring a bombshell finding from special counsel Robert Mueller.”

Aside from Trump’s disgraced ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen apparently reading a carefully written script possibly produced by Clinton lawyer, Lanny Davis, with the hope of Cohen not spending too much time in prison for his crimes which include lying under oath, there isn’t anything big coming out of the Mueller investigation because one of the many Democrat lawyers on his team would have leaked that info to the liberal media as they have done in the past whenever they thought they had something.

The Hill article continues “They say the Speaker is focused on the Democratic agenda ahead of the 2020 election.”

“’Democrats like to govern,’ a former leadership aide said.”

“The risk of impeachment is that it could backfire.”

“If the public turns on Pelosi’s party for focusing on Trump and impeachment instead of legislating and governing, it could give new political momentum to Trump — just as an impeachment push by a Republican, Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.), did for Bill Clinton in 1998.”

“It’s not unimaginable that Trump could win four more years with the Senate staying in GOP hands and the House flipping, though for Pelosi and Democrats that’s the nightmare scenario.”

During the 2018 election, the Democrats heavily outspent the Republicans. About 40 Republicans in the House were retiring or moving to other jobs, so a lot fewer Republican incumbents were running for reelection. A lot of disgruntled Democrats were out for revenge, and since it was a midterm election, Trump’s name was nowhere on the ballot so millions of people, who voted for him to strike back at the Deep State, were not all that enthusiastic about their local House race. The Democrats also had all their usual vote-stealing and vote-fraud machinery working overtime.

In 2020, the Republicans need to get all the states under Republican control to pass voter ID laws and a serious effort needs to be made to catch and prosecute any Democrats voting illegally or fabricating votes.

Trump will be running for reelection in 2020 despite all the Democrat hysteria, and the sorry collection of Democrat candidates makes one wonder if the Democrats are trying to lose this time. Their worst case scenario of losing the House is a very real possibility. Hopefully Mitch McConnell can be retired from the Senate and a Speaker of the House, who actually supports Trump, will be elected this time.

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