Leftist Thug Assaults 81-Year-Old Man with MAGA Hat

by James Buchanan

As America continues to transform into a multi-racial country, we can expect to have the problems of Third World nations, where political violence often follows an election.

In our case, White people were supporting Trump while Blacks and Latinos were supporting the extremely corrupt, evil Hillary, so all the violence has been against any conservative Whites, who dare to wear a MAGA hat in public, assuming the lefties outnumber him of course.

A CBS news article reports “Prosecutors say an elderly man was assaulted inside a New Jersey supermarket after he was confronted over a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat he was wearing.”

“Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson says the 81-year-old Franklin Township man was shopping at the Shop Rite on Elizabeth Avenue Monday afternoon when he was approached regarding his red cap.”

“The victim was assaulted and sustained minor injuries, according to prosecutors. He declined medical attention at the scene….”

This attack highlights another aspect of America becoming more multi-racial. While White people generally have respect for old people, many young Blacks do not. They simply see old people as convenient easy victims for their cruelty and crimes.

Even their political leaders like Maxine Waters are not shy about calling for the harassment and intimidation of any conservatives, whom liberals can spot in public. Millions of White Americans cautiously avoid any mention of politics when they go out in public.

It’s a sad day in American history when swarms of minority leftists have terrorized the White majority into silence. If we want America to be great again, we need more than just economic policies. We need to start mass deporting the estimated 30 to 40 million illegal aliens in the U.S. today and to slam shut the immigration door to the Third World.

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