Deep State Puts Total Gag Order on Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a colorful political activist who was working independently to help the Trump campaign in 2016 so naturally he’s been accused of colluding with Russia and charged with various process crimes for not answering federal prosecutor questions exactly the same for all the times he was asked them.

Stone was the victim of an early morning raid by an FBI SWAT team that was more heavily armed than the military raid on Osama bin Laden. Trump’s former lawyer’s home was similarly raided as well as Paul Manafort, who helped ensure that Trump got all the electoral college votes that he should have gotten. Clearly the Deep State is in control of the DOJ and FBI, which need to be purged of Deep State hacks appointed by previous presidents.

A CBS news article reports “The gag order imposed on longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone was tightened during a court hearing Thursday, a consequence of an image posted to Stone’s Instagram account Monday depicting Judge Amy Berman Jackson with a symbol that resembled crosshairs behind her head.”

The symbol resembled a Celtic Cross and may have been sent to Stone by Alt-Right associates. It is NOT a cross hairs, and even if it were it was not over the face of the judge. Trying to claim this was any sort of threat is really stretching things out of context. Then again, the whole Mueller witch hunt has been about stretching things out of context to try to make crimes out of them.

“From this moment on,” Jackson said Stone cannot speak about the investigation, or participants in the case, either on social media or with reporters. He also can’t have statements made on his behalf to urge people to donate to his legal defense…”

So a victim of political persecution by the Deep State for being on the winning side of the 2016 election can’t publicly talk about why he’s a victim nor can he even ask for money for his defense.

I’m sure citizens of the Soviet Union got the same sort of treatment from the judicial system over there.

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