Rand Paul Sues Attacker, who Only Got 30 Day Sentence

by James Buchanan

The DOJ is controlled by the Deep State, and the ridiculously lenient sentence for Senator Rand Paul’s attacker is more proof. In an attempt to discourage every leftist thug with Trump Derangement Syndrome from carrying out more violent attacks, Rand Paul has resorted to suing his attacker so that some significant penalty be imposed.

A recent news article reports “How much should it cost to tackle a U.S. senator and break half a dozen of his ribs? That’s the question at issue in a trial that got underway Monday in circuit court in Bowling Green before Judge Tyler Gill…”

“Paul is seeking up to $500,000 in damages to compensate him for pain and suffering and up to $1 million to punish Boucher.”

“The issue is not whether Boucher attacked Paul, but how much Boucher should have to pay Paul.”

“Boucher pleaded guilty in federal court to assaulting Paul. He served 30 days in jail, paid a $10,000 fine and performed 100 hours of community service, according to his attorney, Matthew Baker. However, federal prosecutors are pushing for a longer sentence for him. Advisory federal guidelines called for a sentence of at least 21 months.”

“Paul’s civil complaint is a separate case, but he said during testimony that he felt the federal sentence for Boucher was not adequate.”

“He said he sued because he feels Boucher deserves more punishment and also to deter violence by Boucher or others.”

“’You just can’t let people get away with this kind of stuff,’ Paul said…”

The Deep State-controlled DOJ won’t prosecute Hillary for ANY of her dozens of bribe-taking felonies or the Uranium One treason case, but it will drag all of Trump’s associates through a witch hunt and fabricate ridiculous “process crime” charges against them, and now the DOJ has so far failed to seriously prosecute an assault on a Republican Senator!

Breaking six ribs is aggravated felony battery, and it’s a good bet that the attack was politically motivated despite the neighbor’s ridiculous claim that he violently assaulted Paul over a pile of leaves. Political violence by definition is terrorism. Assaulting a member of Congress is a felony crime all by itself as noted here that should result in at least a 21 month prison sentence.

But the man who violently assaulted Rand Paul has only gotten 30 days in jail.

It’s a wonder why there haven’t been more assaults on Republican politicians by Antifa thugs with so little to fear in terms of a penalty.

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