Body Parts Turning Up in Detroit Sewer


by Jeff Davis

The city of Detroit is 83 percent Black. It’s population has shrunk from about two million in the 1950s to 714,000 today although the area is so chaotic, this number may just be a guess, and the population may have dropped well below 700,000 by now. Detroit recently went bankrupt and probably would have gone bankrupt years earlier if not for government aid. A large percent of the population of Detroit derives all their income from welfare, food stamps, Section 8 and other government hand out programs.

A recent news article reports: ““Authorities say body parts have been found in a sewer in suburban Detroit for the third time in just over a year.”

““Sterling Heights police say the remains were found Wednesday by workers making repairs. A statement from police says there’s a strong possibility the parts are medical waste that was improperly put into the sewer.””

““The Detroit News reports three pieces each measure 2-by-2 inches. The Detroit Free Press reports the Macomb County medical examiner’s office says DNA samples will be submitted for additional testing. Officials have said partial remains found in August 2012 in a sewer in Sterling Heights came from a woman, but not the same woman whose body parts were discovered in December 2012 in a sewer line in the nearby community of Warren.””

Jeez Louise! What is this city now, Haiti? No wait, I’m pretty sure Haiti doesn’t have a sewer system.

In addition to being too incompetent to run a modern technological society, most Blacks are lazy and dirty slobs. I imagine some janitor at a hospital was told to “get rid of all that crap and blood and guts and mess on the floor” after an autopsy and so he did.

Either that or else Blacks are disposing of their victims by chopping them up and flushing them down the drain!! Reports out of Detroit suggest that basic services are failing one by one. Maybe the garbage collection system has failed and dumpsters are too full for gang bangers to dump bodies into so they’ve resorted to using the sewer system.

So tell me again how Diversity is good for America?

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