What Happens when You’re No Longer Safe in the Suburbs?

by James Buchanan

Millions of delusional people think that they’re “safe” in the suburbs of the big cities of America, but what will happen when the Black and Latino gang members decide that they can make the short drive to the mostly White suburbs and start robbing people there?

It looks like the people in the suburbs of Los Angeles are beginning to find out.

One news story reports “A man and a juvenile male suspect are under arrest Saturday morning following an attempted home invasion in Santa Monica that sent two people to the hospital, according to a report released by the Santa Monica Police Department.”

“Friday evening at about 6 p.m., Santa Monica Police officers responded to a call of a home invasion in the 200 block of 19th Street. According to the report, police observed a suspect as soon as they arrived. The suspect then fled into the home’s backyard, and stayed there for a number of hours, refusing to cooperate until SWAT and Crisis Negotiators arrived.”

“A second suspect fled the scene in a car, the report says. He was discovered four hours later and arrested…”

“Two victims were hurt in the incident. According to ABC7, a 19-year-old victim was struck with a hammer or hatchet. His father tried to intervene, and was stabbed 15 to 20 times, the report says…”

Crime has been increasing in California thanks to liberal politicians letting more and more criminals out of jail, and the passage of propositions that have made many crimes like burglary, much less serious offenses.

Democrats don’t like spending tax revenue on prisons. Instead of facing up to reality, namely the fact that Blacks and Latinos commit a lot of crimes and you need a lot of prison space to avoid society turning into a crime-plagued hell hole, liberals just turn felonies into misdemeanors assuming the crime will never come to their neighborhoods.

Well, that game plan is clearly falling apart.

An NBC news article from August, 2016 reported “Gang Members (have been) Arrested in Connection With 5,000 Home Burglaries.”

“Police said they have linked over 53 gang members to the burglaries…”

“More that a dozen alleged gang members were arrested in connection with 5,000 residential burglaries across five Southern California counties, authorities said Friday.

“‘Operation Money Bags’ spanned more than three years and culminated early Friday morning with raids at 28 locations, most in South Los Angeles, according to the Torrance Police Department. The raids included more than 400 officers from 18 agencies including the FBI…”

“Investigators said the gang leaders developed an organized burglary plan, under which burglars would set out with a goal of finding $5,000 and a gun, and at times would do so four or five days a week.”

So this burglary operation had been going on for three years as of August 2016, and a small army of police and FBI were attempting to round up 53 gang members connected with it.

Local talk radio shows however have only been talking about these burglary rings in recent months. The burglars would typically ring the door bell, and if no one answered, they would break into the house, steal the most valuable items and get out quickly. Some of them operated so swiftly, they continued with the burglary even if an alarm went off.

This latest crime, a home invasion robbery in a wealthy suburb, appears to be something new, in which violence and disregard for human life has entered the equation. One of the neighbors interviewed by a local news channel reported that there had been another home invasion robbery nearby just a week earlier in which a homeowner had been injured.

How much longer will millions of White people remain asleep to the serious minority crime problem? It seems many of them are in for a rude awakening because it’s no longer something they can avoid by living in an expensive White suburb.

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