Dinosaur Print Media Gets Hacked

by James Buchanan

Apparently someone couldn’t resist kicking the dinosaur print media in the rear as it waddles off to its eventual extinction.

Hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans were denied their bird-cage liner because someone hacked the computers at the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune and other print media outlets.

An NBC news article reports “Even old-school printed newspapers aren’t immune from the pitfalls of technology.”

“Tribune Publishing said Saturday night that malware affected its ability to print newspapers across its chain of outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News, the Baltimore Sun and the Orlando Sentinel.”

“Many subscribers to the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune, which were previously owned by Tribune Publishing and still share some production technology with the company, stepped into a chilly sunny morning Saturday only to find empty doorsteps.”

“The computer malware was detected Friday and ‘impacted some back-office systems which are primarily used to publish and produce newspapers across our properties,’ said Marisa Kollias, Tribune communications vice president, in a statement.”

“‘There is no evidence that customer credit card information or personally identifiable information has been compromised,’ she said. ‘The personal data of our subscribers, online users, and advertising clients has not been compromised.'”

Why do I not believe that reassurance?

“The Los Angeles Times, citing an anonymous source, described the malware as part of a cyberattack with foreign origins. The Times and the Union-Tribune were sold by Tribune Publishing to Los Angeles biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong in June.”

Notice how they can’t even tell the truth when their operations get shut down!!

How would they know it’s “foreign hackers”??

If they couldn’t stop the hack from happening in the first place, I can’t believe their claim that it wasn’t done by a foreign hacker. I’m surprised they didn’t claim it was “Russian hackers.”

It’s probably some teenager in his parents’ basement or maybe some American hacker, who got tired of them lying to the public every day.

Too bad the hacker(s) didn’t take out CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the fake news media.

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