San Francisco Mayor Says No Penalties for Homeless Defecating on Streets

by James Buchanan

San Francisco appears to be plunging deeper and deeper into insanity as liberal policies keep enabling an increasing horde of homeless people to infest their city.

An article in the Daily News reports “According to a recent NBC Bay Area investigation, an alarming amount of trash, used drug needles and feces are clogging San Francisco’s streets.”

“The report centered around a 153-block survey of downtown, which, according to the report, ‘revealed trash on every block, 100 needles and more than 300 piles of feces along the 20-mile stretch of streets and sidewalks.’”

“Talk about a slice of Norman Rockwell’s America.”

We desperately need to go back to the policies of the past to deal with the homeless problem. Anti-vagrancy laws were extremely effective in keeping homeless people out of our big cities.

The number of homeless also appears to have ballooned due to the skyrocketing cost of housing, changing demographics, widespread drug use and liberal leniency toward the homeless.

The article continues “After the report aired, NBC caught up with newly elected San Francisco mayor, London Breed, and asked her what she plans on doing to combat this emerging public health crisis. Breed told the Peacock Network that she is working with homeless advocacy organizations that receive funding from the city to better educate the homeless to stop trashing the city…”

“When asked by KNTV if her plan calls for stronger penalties against those who litter or defecate in public, Breed said ‘I didn’t express anything about a penalty…’”

“Who has time to crack down on the louts who are littering the streets with hypodermic needles or defecating in public? Someone, somewhere might be using a plastic straw! Priorities, people!”

The liberals in California have recently passed laws forbidding restaurant staff from giving you a plastic straw unless you specifically ask for it. Handing out a straw otherwise could cost a waiter a thousand dollar fine!

Now what is going to bother the average citizen more: the fact that someone at the next table got an unwanted plastic straw or the fact that a homeless person left a big steaming pile of human poop right next to his car in the parking lot?

Liberals love to pass laws that micro-manage your life, as a normal productive working citizen, but passing a law or enforcing an existing law on a homeless person is somehow a violation of their belief system!!

The article goes on “If the mayor plans on using all carrots and no sticks to solve this problem, she’s going to have to get very creative…”

“Dr. Kelly Victory is a trauma and emergency medicine specialist and public health and healthcare policy expert. She tells me that San Francisco had better do something about this crisis pronto. ‘Human waste on the street poses an enormous public health risk; feces can transmit numerous bacterial infections, including cholera, a multitude of viral infections (including norovirus, which people associate with food poisoning outbreaks on cruise ships), hepatitis A, various parasitic diseases and worms,’ she warned.”

“’In addition to the risk directly incurred by pedestrians, city workers, shop owners, etc., these people unknowingly pick up fecal remnants on their shoes and then transfer it to their businesses, cars, public transportation and homes. To complicate matters further, when the rain comes, it washes all of that material into the city’s drainage system. In other words, the poop — and the nastiness it contains — doesn’t stay where it was laid,’ Victory said.”

“If Mayor Breed doesn’t get this under control soon the City by the Bay will soon be known as the something else by the bay … and that’s not good for anyone.”

California needs to start building low-security prisons for habitual drug addicts and homeless so that there’s some place to warehouse this growing swarm. Anyone, who violates a “defecating in public” law or “illegal camping” law should be dragged off to a “homeless prison” for six months to a year. If they offend again, they should be locked up again. Most of these people are basket cases because of drug and/or alcohol abuse. Only by forcibly separating them from their drugs long enough to sober up is there any chance of curing them.

We could be looking at cholera outbreaks in the 21st century, and there has already been a hepatitis outbreak in San Diego thanks to the homeless in that city.

California didn’t have these problems when it was 90 percent White in the ’50s and ’60s. The invasion of California by Mexicans, Nicaraguans and Hondurans in the last 50 years has radically changed the demographics. California is transitioning from a First World standard of living to a Third World standard of living because that’s what happens when you leave your borders open and sanctuary-state liberals gain control.

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