A Tale of Two Nations: France and the U.S.

by James Buchanan

Both France and the U.S. were facing Muslim terrorism and all the other problems that result from an increasingly multi-racial society. America chose the Nationalist, Donald Trump to solve its problems. The French people chose Emanuel Macron.

Macron of course was and still is a Globalist who wanted more Syrian and African refugees. So how have things been going in France?

An article from Voice of Europe reports “President Emanuel Macron seems to be taking the lead balloon approach to popularity. His approval rating has been in free-fall and has dropped another (-3) to a shockingly new low of 23 per cent in Viavoice’s 29 November poll.”

“In fact, as a favour to Mr. Macron, I will share the only number of his that is on the incline, his DISAPPROVAL rating is skyrocketing to 69 per cent!”

In contrast to Macron, Trump has done his best to re-write trade treaties, drawn up by Globalists and/or corrupt politicians, who were likely taking bribes from foreign powers. Trump’s policies have helped add over 4 million jobs to the U.S. work force as noted here. Trump has also made a serious effort to control immigration despite sabotage from Democrats, activist judges and RINOs in his own party.

An article in USA Today reports that “Donald Trump’s popularity was at 51 percent on Friday, Nov. 2, only four days before the midterms. Eighteen months into his first term, Trump’s approval rating was 5 points higher than Barack Obama’s at the same point in his time in office, according to Rasmussen Reports, one of thefew polling firms that consistently showed Trump had a chance of winning in 2016.”

Trump also proved how popular he was by targeting several close Senate races, holding mass rallies in those states and helping those candidates win, securing a 53 vote majority in the Senate. (The Democrats did get a majority in the House thanks to 40 Republican incumbents retiring this year, massive campaign spending by Democrats and of course good, old-fashioned Democrat vote fraud.)

If Emanuel Macron showed up to endorse a politician in France, that politician would likely run away to avoid any sort of photo op linking him to the toxic Macron.

Not only is Macron sinking in France. Nationalists are winning in many parts of Europe as the sane nations rebel at the thought of importing low IQ Muslims and Africans to create a permanent underclass and voters for the left-wing parties.

Even Hillary Clinton recently admitted that the Right is successfully using the immigration issue to defeat the Left, and that the Left should quit pushing Diversity so much to avoid catastrophe in future elections.

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