Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins Senate Race in Mississippi

by James Buchanan

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith won the run off election for the Senate race in Mississippi with 54% of the vote after Donald visited the state holding two mass rallies in support of her.

The New York Times moans “Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) defeated Democrat Mike Espy in Tuesday’s Mississippi special Senate election. She will finish retired Sen. Thad Cochran’s current term through 2020, after being appointed to replace him earlier this year.”

“Hyde-Smith is the first woman to be elected to represent Mississippi in the Senate. It was an unimpressive win for the Republican — with the vote count nearly finished, she led Espy by 8 points, after Donald Trump won Mississippi by 18 in 2016 — but a win nonetheless.”

“She survived a flood of negative stories through the final weeks of the campaign, in which Hyde-Smith joked about public hangings in a state plagued by lynchings last century and her attendance of a white segregationist school in her youth was revealed.”

“Her win secures Senate Republicans a 53-seat majority for the next two years.”

The Democrat ran a typical slimy, mud-slinging campaign against her. At one point Cindy said that she was so fond of one old friend that she would attend a public hanging if her friend asked her to go.

The Democrats tried to link that to lynchings of Blacks in the nineteenth century, perhaps forgetting that Cindy is 59 years old, not 159. Also a public hanging suggests that the person has gone through due process, and leave it to the Democrats to ignore the fact that White criminals were publicly hung in Mississippi as well as Black criminals.

The Democrats also wailed about Cindy attending a private White church. Meanwhile, almost every wealthy White liberal couple, who live near a big city, will send their children to a mostly-White private school.

Despite the smear attempts, Cindy Hyde-Smith won the Senate seat with 54 percent of the vote, giving President Trump a comfortable margin in the Senate, which now has 53 Republicans.

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