Trump Helping Cindy Hyde-Smith in her Senate Run Off Race

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump was holding mass rallies in states with close Senate elections for an entire month before the midterm elections, making sure that Republicans held onto their Senate majority, and it worked. The Republicans emerged with a 51 seat majority in the Senate despite a razor-thin loss in Arizona that was almost certainly stolen by the Dems with illegal alien votes.

Most people think all the Senate races are over, but Mississippi is having a run off election, and Trump is trying to work his mass rally magic in that state to help Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith win the Senate seat there.

An article from the Daily Journal reports “Over the weekend, tailgate tents stocked with Trump merchandise began popping up around Tupelo. The vendors signaling the President’s imminent arrival knew his fans would want shirts, hats, flags and buttons.”

“So, in front of gas stations and beside roads, they cashed in. One opportunistic salesperson said he had been to 34 states to hock goods at the president’s rallies. Another expected to make $15,000 on Monday.”

“Around 10 a.m., six hours before Air Force One’s expected arrival, Trump supporters met at the Furniture Market for $20 hats and free buses bound for the rally. By 2 p.m., long lines were forming. The wait was 30 minutes for a shuttle, an hour for security at the airport, and, by all accounts, worth it.”

“’I’m excited to look at the President and seeing what he actually looks like in person,’ said Noah Gregory, a third-grader from Pontotoc who was waiting for a bus with his father. ‘And I want to see the big plane. I’ve only ever seen that on YouTube.’”

Notice that neither Hillary nor Obama are flying out to Mississippi to try to help the Democrat candidate there. Perhaps, the Democrat candidate feels it would be better not to remind voters of what unemployment in Mississippi was like when Obama was still president.

The article continues “The event was billed as a show of support for Cindy Hyde-Smith, but the U.S. Senate candidate was mostly an afterthought. Fans had crossed state lines, ditched typical Monday responsibilities and bought souveneirs for one reason.”

“’I haven’t looked into Cindy Hyde-Smith too much. I’ve heard a little bit about her but not too much. I’m just here for the Trump experience,’ said 20-year-old Pontotoc native Alex Pickering, who extended his Thanksgiving break from Delta State by a day to see Trump. ‘I am missing a day of school for this. I don’t care.’”

The enthusiasm Trump has been able to generate is truly impressive. The Dems actually thought they could re-take the Senate in 2018, but they failed to take into account the political rock star effect that Trump brings with him. Whenever Trump flies in and holds a mass rally or two that will get swarms of people voting Republican on election day.

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