Blasey-Ford’s Second Front Door Repurposed as Propaganda

by James Buchanan

An article on the GateWayPundit reports “Dr. Christina Ford testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that she began having memories related to being abused years ago when she and her husband put a second front door on her house.”

“As The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday — with photos — the second front door was installed years before she claimed in her testimony.”

“Now it looks more likely that the second door was not related to any abuse at all. This may have been totally made up…”

“According to information found on the Internet, a business was located at the exact same address as the Ford house…”

Blasey-Ford claimed that she was arguing with her husband about installing a second front door during marriage counseling in 2012 because she had been so traumatized in the past, but Jim Hoft has found that the second front door was already installed in 2011 the year before the marriage counseling (so they would have no reason to be arguing over it in 2012) and that it may have been installed due to a commercial business being run out of the same address (not because she was suffering from past trauma and fears of being attacked). So we have caught Blasey-Ford lying about two more things!

How would a second front door even protect her from a sexual assault? Kavanaugh never stalked Christine Blasey. (He never attacked her in the first place.) He certainly never flew out to Palo Alto, but notice how she keeps subtly smearing him implying these were possibilities. Blasey-Ford also made a claim that she moved 3,000 miles to the west coast to get away, not because she was an avid surfer and wanted to be surrounded by California liberals.

An intercom and security camera or a guard dog would be much more effective and much cheaper.

Perhaps, local laws required a second entrance if you’re running a business out of your house. Also, if their children were about to leave the nest, the parents may have been planning to rent out part of their house, and a second front door entrance would be useful for that.

It’s possible that the home-business and/or taking-in-renters plan fell apart, and they were stuck with two front doors seemingly for no purpose. No doubt one of the many Democrat hacks, who have visited Blasey-Ford at her home since July noticed the unusual front door arrangement and decided to repurpose this odd architectural feature into “proof” that Blasey-Ford was so traumatized that she’s adding extra doors, where none need exist.

If you add a second front door to your house, you just doubled the chance of mistakenly leaving the front door unlocked. Adding an unnecessary second front door suggests that Blasey-Ford is an irrational human being or maybe even a crazy person if she thinks such a thing makes her safer.

During the Senate hearings millions of gullible liberals were likely duped by Blasey-Ford’s second front door story, which was important for her because she has so few facts and zero witnesses backing up her sexual assault story. Blasey-Ford and Dianne Feinstein even had a cutesy exchange over it –always forgetting that everything Blasey-Ford was saying was meant to paint an innocent, honest man, Brett Kavanaugh as a would-be rapist, who supposedly traumatized her for life. We’re supposed to believe she’s so traumatized, she’s doing irrational things to give herself a false sense of security.

Blasey-Ford’s second front door story seems to be an elaborate lie invented to re-purpose something unusual that was done to her house, which had a business purpose in mind, but which didn’t pan out. The Democrats however were so desperate for any evidence, no matter how irrelevant, unlikely or un-provable to try to make Christine-Ford believable, that they took a second front door and used it as “proof” that the “evil Brett Kavanaugh” has driven her to doing crazy things. (Or maybe she was just crazy all along.)

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