Michael Avenatti Presents the Third (and Least Credible) Kavanaugh Accuser!

by James Buchanan

The first accuser of Brett Kavanaugh was Christine Blasey-Ford, who claims she was “almost raped” by him in 1982 at a house party. All four people, including one other female, that she claims were at the party say that no such party took place. Blasey-Ford is a Democrat activist, who promoted an anti-Trump narrative regarding how illegal aliens were treated at the border. Blasey-Ford was also a “party girl” in high school engaging in drunken parties and promiscuity as noted on certain social media posts that she tried to scrub as this story was first coming out.

The second accuser of Kavanaugh, Debbie Ramirez, claims that she became severely drunk during a drinking game at a party, had “gaps in her memory” and was having trouble telling if a gag, plastic-penis that someone produced at the party was real or not. Attempts to find any witnesses who could place Kavanaugh and Ramirez together in a party have turned up nothing.

And now, at a point where the media should really be getting tired of these false accusations, one of the least credible human beings on the planet, Michael Avenatti has arrived to produce a third accuser. Avenatti is famous for being the creepy porn star lawyer for Stormy Daniels. CNN had him as a guest almost every day for two months, and he repeatedly made claims that various revelations would end Trump’s presidency and/or send Trump to jail. (Meanwhile, Avenatti’s law firm was hit with a ten million dollar judgment against it with $2.4 million going to the I.R.S. as noted here.)

Avenatti’s accuser against Kavanaugh is Ms. Julie Swetnick (no kidding) and she is claiming that Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were participating in “rape trains” and that she saw Kavanaugh standing in line for a rape train as noted on the far-left Mediaite website. She also claims that she had been drugged so that she would be raped.

Needless to say, this is something typical of ghetto behavior and there are no shortage of rap songs about “running a train” on a girl. Brett Kavanaugh was a student at Yale, not a Ghetto hood rat.

Once again, there are no supporting witnesses (at least none announced as of yet) and the accuser claims to have been impaired. Blasey-Ford claimed to have been drinking, and Debbie Ramirez claimed to be basically black out drunk with “gaps in her memory.” It’s entirely possible that these women were sexually attacked, but not at the sort of parties that Brett Kavanaugh would ever go to. Will the women use their drunken or drugged states as an excuse for “mistaking” Kavanaugh in their accusations to ward off slander lawsuits? Are the Democrats using hypnotists to “recover” invented memories for women who are getting Kavanaugh inserted into their sexual assault stories?

Avenatti’s purpose in representing this accuser is not to seriously accuse Kavanaugh, but to get the most grotesque slander possible out there, hoping that it will stick in people’s minds no matter how obviously false it is. The story was floating around for about a week with only a few bottom-feeders reporting it. The Drudge report finally posted it recently, possibly because it was a slow news day.

The Democrats are hoping to drown Kavanaugh in a sea of sexual assault accusations, just like they did to Roy Moore. This is one of the tools in their arsenal, and we should be expecting this sort of thing. Many high-ranking Democrats have been insisting that the accusers be believed, no matter how dubious, unsupported or contradictory their accusations may be. Hopefully this will wake up millions of White men to the danger of Democrats gaining more power in the midterm elections and what that will mean for them if they are ever falsely accused of sexual assault.

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