Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Level in 18 Years

by James Buchanan

The good economic news continues to roll in. Almost four million new jobs have been created with four hundred thousand of those jobs in manufacturing.

An article from CNBC reports “Consumer confidence rose in September, notching its highest level in about 18 years…”

“‘Consumers’ assessment of current conditions remains extremely favorable, bolstered by a strong economy and robust job growth,’ said said Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at the Conference Board. ‘These historically high confidence levels should continue to support healthy consumer spending, and should be welcome news for retailers as they begin gearing up for the holiday season.'”

The liberal media however continues to claim that the Democrats will sweep the midterm elections. There’s just one little problem: The polls they’re relying on are fake. Republicans are sampled at a rate over ten percent less than they should be. This same sort of extremely slanted polling produced many of the polls showing Hillary well ahead of Trump.

The truth is that good economic news helps the president’s party. Are people really going to tune into CNN and believe all their half-baked excuses and claims that Obama is responsible for the great economy?

Add to this the disgusting tactics of the Democrats in the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Every man in America is worried that he will be falsely accused by a woman at work. The Democrats have made it clear that whenever a woman accuses a man, they will believe the woman and ignore all the flaws in the woman’s story. You don’t suppose that may convince a few more moderates to vote Republican in November?

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