FBI Covers For Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch

by Jeff Davis

We may have little recourse regarding the pervasive systemic level of corruption in the FBI and Department of “Justice” but we can at least keep ourselves informed as to what they have gotten away with and what evil things people like Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller are doing right now. Knowledge is power, and someday being adequately informed may save our lives.

An article from RealClearInvestigations reports “The FBI had little problem leaking unverified dirt from Russian sources on Donald Trump and his campaign aides – and even basing FISA wiretaps on it. But according to the Justice Department’s inspector general, the bureau is refusing to allow even members of Congress with top security clearance to see intercepted material alleging political interference by President Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch. That material – which has been outlined in press reports – consists of unverified accounts intercepted from putative Russian sources in which the head of the Democratic National Committee allegedly implicates the Hillary Clinton campaign and Lynch in a secret deal to fix the Clinton email investigation.”

“’It is remarkable how this Justice Department is protecting the corruption of the Obama Justice Department,’ said Tom Fitton, president of Washington-based watchdog Judicial Watch, which is suing for the material. Lynch and Clinton officials as well as the DNC chairman at the time, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have denied the allegations and characterized them as Russian disinformation.”

Of course, Debs, the Russians did it. Of course they did. The Russians did it all. I suppose the Russians rigged the Democrat primary so Hillary would beat Bernie. Oh wait, that was you Debs, wasn’t it?

The article continues “True or false, the material is consequential because it appears to have influenced former FBI Director James B. Comey’s decision to break with bureau protocols because he didn’t trust Lynch. In his recent book, Comey said he took the reins in the Clinton email probe, announcing Clinton should not be indicted, because of a ‘development still unknown to the American public’ that ‘cast serious doubt’ on Lynch’s credibility – clearly the intercepted material.”

“If the material documents an authentic exchange between Lynch and a Clinton aide, it would appear to be strong evidence that the Obama administration put partisan political considerations ahead of its duty to enforce the law.”

You mean the same Obama regime that never investigated let alone punished Eric Holder for his decision to give guns to Mexican drug gangs in some criminally-negligent, hair-brained scheme that led to at least one Border Patrol agent being murdered (and who knows how many innocent Mexican citizens).

The article continues “The information remains so secret that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz had to censor it from his recently released 500-plus-page report on the FBI’s investigation of Clinton, and even withhold it from Congress. The contents of the secret intelligence document — which purport to show that Lynch informed the Clinton campaign she’d make sure the FBI didn’t push too hard — were included in the inspector general’s original draft. But in the official IG report issued June 14, the information was tucked into a classified appendix to the report and entirely blanked out.”

This has been standard operating procedure for corrupt politicians for some time: Classify everything that embarrasses them or that makes them look criminal.

“’The information was classified at such a high level by the intelligence community that it limited even the members [of Congress] who can see it, as well as the staffs,’ Horowitz explained last week to annoyed Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has oversight authority over Justice and the FBI.”

At times like this, we should think about what Donald Trump saved us from -namely Democrats, who spy on American citizens and abuse secret FISA courts without a second thought and who would use the courts to frame up their political enemies, simply for beating them in an election.

Thanks, Don.

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