Amnesty Traitor John McCain Finally Dies

by James Buchanan

Unlike the mainstream media, including the so-called conservative Fox News, I won’t be pretending someone was a nice guy when he spent his life stabbing White Americans in the back. John McCain was responsible for introducing two illegal alien Amnesty Bills in 2007 and again in 2013. The second Amnesty Bill came after he lied to the people of Arizona and claimed that the previous bill was not an Amnesty (because it had a few negligible speed bumps in it).

McCain has been repeatedly called “a hero” but he never earned any medals until after he was shot down. Many media know-nothings say he behaved “bravely” while a POW, but other POWs say he gave valuable information to the enemy immediately after his capture. One general notes that aircraft losses increased 60% after McCain spilled the beans to the enemy as noted here.

After the Vietnam War, McCain divorced his wife, who had been waiting years for his return, and married Cindy Lou Hensley, the daughter of wealthy beer distributor, Jim Hensley.

McCain became an Arizona Senator in January of 1987 and kept getting reelected despite his increasing support for wars, Amnesties and liberal causes thanks to his undeserved “war hero” status.

The Deep State chose him to be the “designated loser” to run against Barack Obama in 2008 and his tepid, muzzled campaign predictably failed. The 2008 Republican primary was a ridiculous sham. No well-informed person on the Right wanted McCain to be the Republican candidate after he co-sponsored an Amnesty Bill with Ted Kennedy in 2007.

As a side note, Ted Kennedy died of a brain tumor on August 25th 2009, exactly nine years before McCain’s death also from a brain tumor. Sometimes the hand of God is pretty obvious especially considering that these two liberals tried to turn America into an even worse multi-racial Babylon with their Amnesty Bill.

Even when approaching death’s door, McCain was so petty and bitter that he made it clear that Donald Trump would not be invited to his funeral.

McCain was called independent or “a maverick” by the liberal media, but if you ask any conservatives, who were paying attention, they’ll tell you that he voted pretty consistently with the Democrats on the important issues and that his biggest issues were getting America into new wars around the world and pushing illegal alien Amnesties.

In reality, Donald Trump was the real maverick in the Republican Party. Trump ignored the System Republicans and wire-pullers behind the scenes and has done what he thinks is best for America. Because Trump was a successful businessman, he was able to fund his own campaign and not become a political puppet for special interests. Trump was free to support issues that were popular with the American public like getting illegal immigration under control and keeping American jobs in America.

McCain no doubt resented Trump’s independence and success and bitterly attacked him and voted against him. McCain was never a maverick. McCain was a dancing monkey for George Soros and the Deep State.

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