Democrats’ Midterm Strategy: Stop Talking about Trump

by James Buchanan

An article from the McClatchy news service notes “Democrats are making a bet that with the help of a wave of TV and digital ads they can finally make the upcoming election about health care and taxes.”

“They just need to hope voters will tune out Donald Trump long enough to listen.”

Well, good luck getting liberals to tune out Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real. An article from OneNewsNow reports “Mental health therapists have reported an acute rise in Americans suffering from “Trump Anxiety Disorder” – primarily diagnosed in those who fear that President Donald Trump is leading the world into oblivion through his politically incorrect policies and unapologetic temperament.”

“More and more patients are showing up for psychiatric help because they cannot deal with life under a Trump administration….”

We’ve got a much better economy under Trump. Anyone with an IRA has got to be happy, and the Democrats including radical ones like Miss Cortez want to upset the apple cart.

Most Americans are sick of political correctness. They are glad to see someone speaking his mind and not using all the liberal euphemisms or typical polite political language. Whenever Trump says “Lock her up,” his crowds cheer because Hillary is one of the dirtiest, most corrupt politicians ever. No one on the Right gives her a magical pass for being a woman.

The Democrats have polling data that criticizing Trump too much or talking about Impeachment will cost them votes, but most Democrats just can’t help themselves. They must criticize him because he symbolizes all the things that they can’t stand: A successful, genius White man, who simply doesn’t care about their liberal feelings and who makes fun of them.

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