Trump Anxiety Disorder

by James Buchanan

A recent Fox News article reports “Therapists say there’s been a rise in anxiety stemming from the country’s politics, and it is being called ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder.'”

“A report from CBC News in Canada says that since President Trump was elected, mental health professionals in the United States have seen an increase in patients whose stress has come from politics.”

“A prevalent ‘symptom’ of the ‘disorder’ is feeling as though the world is going to end.”

How enormous a “snowflake” does a person have to be to get so bent out of shape over the fact that the life-long political crook, Hillary lost the 2016 election to a genius businessman, who’s making the country great again?

Perhaps, what’s bothering the liberals now is that Trump is making the country prosperous and basically proving that liberalism is bad for America.

Of course liberals will never connect the dots and reach the obvious conclusion that System politicians like Obama and Hillary are whores for special interests and would have stabbed America in the back, outsourced millions of additional factory jobs and done whatever their Globalist masters told them to do.

The election of Donald Trump is so far turning out to be a great educational opportunity for any Americans with an open mind. An independent candidate, who didn’t take special interest money from Goldman-Sachs, is proving to be a great success. He’s renegotiating trade deals and military treaties so that the U.S. is no longer being taken advantage of.

The liberals of course won’t understand any of this because they get spoon-fed liberal propaganda every day from the likes of Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper, who are nothing more than professional liberal outrage actors.

If a psychiatrist really wants his liberal patients to get better, he should tell them to turn off CNN and MSNBC and to start listening to Alt-Right celebrities on the Internet so that they free themselves from their delusional suicide-cult of liberalism and start rejoicing in the defeat of crooked Hillary, who was only using them for their votes.

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