More Observations on Congressional Interrogation of Rosenstein

by James Buchanan

The Congressional interrogation of Rod Rosenstein included a lot of questions that could send Rosenstein to jail. Rosenstein spent most of his time lawyer-speaking, giving vague denials and trying to pass the buck to someone else.

Rod Rosenstein was nominated to be Deputy Attorney General by Deep State hack, Reince Priebus. This began the attempted “judicial coup” by the Deep State against Donald Trump. Rosenstein appointed the most crooked federal official, he knew, Robert Mueller to begin the witch hunt against Trump.

Mueller is famous for framing an American scientist for the Anthrax mailings in 2001, ruining that man’s life until he was able to exonerate himself on appeal. (The Deep State itself was likely responsible for those mailings, but they needed a scapegoat and they wanted to pick a White male as an example of a “domestic terrorist.”)

Rosenstein picked Mueller because he needed someone, who could convict an innocent man of a serious crime. Mueller has been using dirty prosecutor tactics of pressuring people around Trump like Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Cohen by doing police raids of their homes and fabricating charges against Manafort based on events years ago to try to pressure these men into composing evidence against Trump to get the federal heat off themselves.

An article in the Washington Times reports “A federal judge says ‘even a blind person’ can see that special counsel Robert Mueller is prosecuting Paul Manafort as a way to acquire evidence against his ‘true target,’ President Trump.”

“U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III made the comment in an opinion released this week…”

Jim Jordan had the most heated exchange with Rosenstein, pointing out that Rosenstein had repeatedly withheld key evidence from the Congressional investigation. When the I.G. report was released, that was the first time that Congress found out about FBI official Peter Strzok’s comment that “We’ll stop it” referring to Trump becoming president. Congress KNOWS that Rosenstein was withholding evidence from them, and they have proof.

Another contentious exchange took place when another Congressman asked Rosenstein if he threatened the staff members of a Congressman. Rosenstein repeatedly smirked suggesting he not only did threaten them but he must have enjoyed threatening them.

Rosenstein made a bizarre statement that phone calls can’t be subpoenaed. One legal expert has already stated that phone calls definitely can be subpoenaed and suggested that this could be used as proof of Rosenstein “lying to Congress” which is a crime. Most likely Rosenstein was trying to play some legal semantics game since obviously a transcript or a recording of a phone call would have to be made and sometimes “phone logs” of who called whom are subpoenaed.

Congressman Gaetz did the best job of “cornering the rat” when he asked if Rosenstein had even read the FISA application that he signed to spy on the Trump campaign. Submitting a fraudulent application to a FISA court is a felony that can carry five years in prison. Rosenstein refused to answer that question.

Frankly, Rosenstein should be on trial for treason and an attempted coup against a sitting president. Hopefully, this Congressional interrogation of Rosenstein will lead to that. If Jeff Sessions weren’t a near-comatose Mr. Magoo figure, he should be firing this corrupt rat after that embarrassing and deceitful performance before Congress. Thankfully Congress has the power to impeach Rosenstein, and that may wind up being the way that he’s finally removed from office.

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