Liberal Hysteria Just Won’t Stop

by James Buchanan

One year and five months into the Trump presidency, and liberals don’t seem to be getting any better. Trump Derangement Syndrome is worse than ever with Peter Fonda suggesting that Barron Trump should be locked up with pedophiles.

The liberal media has been churning out one fake news story after another. First a little, Latino boy was shown, crying in a cage. The liberal media put that photo out as “proof” of the Trump administration’s cruel abuse of illegal alien children. And then it was revealed that the child had wandered into a cage on his own, couldn’t get out and then started crying. The next fake news deception was a little Latino girl sobbing away, and we were told that this was due to the policy of separating illegal alien children from their parents. And then we found out that her mother was standing right next to her and the two of them had never been separated. That didn’t stop Time magazine from putting a picture of this little girl on their cover with Trump scowling down at her.

A business owner in Virginia decided to turn away Sarah Huckabee-Sanders from his restaurant upon recognizing her as the president’s spokeswoman.

An article from the American Mirror reports “Maxine Waters wants more people to harass Trump administration officials in public spaces.”

“The California Congresswoman went on a shouting rampage during a toy drive outside the Wilshire Federal Building on Saturday…”

“Waters was referring to Department of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielson, who was heckled in a D.C. restaurant, and later had protesters playing loud speakers outside her home.”

Didn’t the liberals create a huge fuss over Black people being turned away from White-owned restaurants in the 1950s? They demanded that the courts invent some excuse so that these restaurant owners be forced to serve Blacks if they wanted to or not.

If you ask a liberal if there’s a difference between the two, most will tell you that discriminating against Blacks is a much more serious issue than discriminating against conservatives. Liberals seem to have a hard time spotting hypocrisy.

At least the businesses that discriminated against Blacks had some legitimate reasons such as Black crime and keeping White women and children safe from Blacks, which unfortunately are not considered “important” concerns for society anymore.

In contrast to Blacks, conservatives are much less likely to mug anyone or rape a waitress in the parking lot or steal money off a restaurant table or eat a meal and skip out without paying.

It will be interesting to hear the howls of outrage if a conservative restaurant owner throws out a party of new-age hipsters, blue-haired radical feminists and metrosexual pajama boys.

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