Mandatory Marxist Insanity on Campus

by Jeff Davis

Why on earth would any sexually normal young White man want to attend a modern American university? Militant feminists have been demonizing White men on campus as potential “rapists” for decades now even though the data suggests that a university is one of the safest places for White women to be (assuming the White female students avoid the Black athletes and Muslim foreign students). Of course calling White males “rapists” wasn’t enough for the cultural Marxists; they want equal rights for trannies now! Anyone who uses the “wrong pronoun” and hurts the feelings of some deranged sexually confused lunatic is persona non grata at the university. The perverts are welcome while the sane heterosexual White man must be kicked out for having normal thoughts.

A Fox news article reports “Lake Ingle, a religious studies major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, was kicked out of Christianity class earlier this month for saying there are only two genders. He is now allowed back in. IUP President Michael Driscoll announced at a press conference Monday his decision to go against Professor Alison Downie’s controversial request to ban Ingle from class for ‘disruptive behavior.'”

“Ingle told Fox News he was booted out of Downie’s classroom for challenging the feminist theology professor on the biology of males and females and the gender wage gap during a Feb. 28 lecture in which she allegedly asked only women to speak following a TED Talk by transgender ex-pastor Paula Stone Williams. Williams discussed the ‘reality’ of ‘mansplaining,’ ‘sexism from men,’ and ‘male privilege.’”

How can they claim there’s “male privilege” if this young man is in trouble for taking a Biblical stand in a so-called Christianity class?

The article continues “Downie kicked him out of class and asked him not to come back, which would have postponed his graduation if not for the college president’s decision. Driscoll said he is ‘disappointed’ in how the university handled the situation, adding it had ‘fallen short’ of devotion to the First Amendment.”

Meaning the militant feminist radical nutjob can’t stand the opinion of the majority of most Americans (or the Bible) because she’s such a raging loon.

A professor should be able to out-debate her students, but Marxist professors rely on good old fashioned brute force: Conform to the new ideology that we’re teaching or we’ll deny you a diploma.

Frankly, given what an open-air insane asylum that university has become, that young man might be better off NOT getting a diploma there. The world needs plumbers, carpenters and auto mechanics. The world doesn’t need screechy feminist professors and more liberal Social Justice Warrior students. The sooner people realize this, the sooner we can start starving these far-left universities into extinction by simply boycotting them for the useless, over-priced Marxist brainwashing centers that they are.

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