Tommy Robinson Update: Two Days of Protests and Massive Lightning Storm

by James Buchanan

The same day, the tyrannical British government arrested British patriot, Tommy Robinson for reporting on the trial of a Muslim child sex slavery ring operating in Britain, a massive storm with 20,000 lightning bolts struck the London area. Perhaps, God is letting us know what He thinks of the British government throwing a righteous man in jail so that Britons don’t hear about Muslim pedophile gangs raping young White children.

One article notes “The UK has been hit by up to 20,000 lightning strikes in a massive electrical storm that swept the country on Saturday night. Incredible photos and footage show stunning purple skies illuminated by intense bursts of light.”

“The violent thunderstorm blasted parts of southern Britain following a humid day of 27 degrees celsius temperatures. Met Office meteorologist Charlie Powell said there were somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 strikes overnight..”

The big talking point from the Left and the British government about the arrest is to claim that “Tommy Robinson was interfering with the judicial process” to make it look like he was the bad guy. As if a journalist reporting on a criminal trial has ever been an issue before!

Never mind the fact that the trial of the Muslim pedophiles was over and all that remained was the sentencing.

A few leftists have claimed that Robinson’s live-streaming outside the court would taint the jury pool for two other pedophile cases which should make people ask:

1).Just how many Muslim grooming gangs are there raping White children in Britain?

2).How can one man live-streaming outside a trial that’s effectively over influence other trials? By that logic, the press can never report on murder trials or bank robberies for fear of “tainting the jury” for the next similar crime!

3).If the British government were really concerned about not drawing attention to this case, they should have left Tommy Robinson alone. Arresting him has made this a front page story on the Drudge Report, which gets a billion views per month.

Mass Demonstrations by British patriots have continued for a second day outside Number 10 Downing Street as noted here and here.

An article on GatewayPundit reports that a German politician has offered Tommy Robinson asylum given the high probability of Muslims murdering him in prison as he serves a sentence intended to silence any patriots who object to Muslim pedophile gangs in their country.

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