Thousands Rally to “Free Tommy Robinson” after British Police State Arrests him

by James Buchanan

In a shocking act of tyranny, the British police state arrested a British patriot, Tommy Robinson, who was doing a live stream of accused Muslim pedophiles, who were entering a court building for their trial for turning British children into prostitutes.

The reason for the arrest of Mr. Robinson was that a court ordered that there should be no media coverage of the pedophile trial. One excuse for that media ban was that they allegedly didn’t want to taint the jury pool. Ironically, by arresting Tommy Robinson they’ve given the pedophile trial a thousand times more publicity than if they left Mr. Robinson alone.

Robinson has been sent immediately to prison for 13 months for daring to exercise his God-given Right to Free Speech, which the British government arrogantly refuses to recognize because it is a tyrannical 1984-style police state.

One article reports “Thousands Storm 10 Downing Street (and) Climb Gates To Free Tommy Robinson…
Citizens (are) fighting back against (an) Orwellian police state. British patriots are pushing back against their government’s decision to jail activist Tommy Robinson for simply demonstrating and reporting on a Muslim (child) sex abuse trial.”

“Thousands of people protested the jailing of Robinson…”

It is long overdue that the nations of western Europe get unconditional Free Speech, just like the citizens of the United States. Anything less is the difference between a free Republic and a corrupt police state, controlled by the Globalists and Muslim-loving and pedophile-protecting politicians inside a corrupt government.

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